Drilling champions

A career in Drilling for Saudi Arabia's hydrocarbon resources is both challenging and full of opportunity for the nations youth. 'Drilling Champions' documents the working lives of a variety of professionals as they go about their business on the rigs.

Refining and Chemicals

Who we are

We are a fully integrated, global petroleum and chemicals enterprise, and the world’s most reliable supplier of energy.

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Oil production

Our investments in upstream, from exploration to production and processing, are designed to maintain our supply flexibility and world leading production capacity.

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Refining and Chemicals

Our strategy

To be on course to become the world’s leading energy and chemicals company by 2020, we continue to innovate, develop and implement new technologies while relentlessly seeking new opportunities.

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Fueling the Kingdom’s growth

Showcasing the uses of Aramco's refined products which are distributed across the Saudi Arabia by the Domestic Fuels Department.

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Facilitating delivery to our customers

As the world's biggest oil producer, Saudi Aramco has the responsibility to deliver its crude oil, natural gas and refined products to customers in the safest, most responsive way possible.

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