HR Joint Venture Support Division

HRJVSD’s services are fully driven by the current HR functional needs of Saudi Aramco joint ventures and subsidiaries.

The services are aimed at adding considerable value for the attainment of their objectives and goals. We consult, advise, facilitate and coordinate to empower our partners toward taking decisive action with achievable and sustainable results.

Nabil Dabal in collaboration meeting
Nabil Dabal in collaboration meeting

Consult: HRJVSD offers guidance and support with the objective of building our partners’ internal competencies. It will bring out the capabilities of our partners to participate fully in a process that drives results.

Advise: HRJVSD will provide exclusive, expert advice based on our vast experience regarding the best course of action while keeping our partners’ best interests at heart. It will offer hands-on advice based on proficiency, real-time data and lessons learned.

Facilitate: HRJVSD facilitates communication and knowledge sharing within our HR network to meet desired outcomes effectively and efficiently. It will leverage and mediate HR resources such that our partners are best served.

Coordinate: HRJVSD coordinates essential meetings, workshops and forums with key personnel to fit our partners’ needs. It will support our partners through every step with timely, follow-up actions.


Confidentiality code

All HRJVSD staff involved with joint ventures or subsidiaries in the form of consultations, projects or otherwise have a legal and professional obligation to protect the confidentiality of all information provided to them on behalf of the client in the course of their duties. The nature of this information includes business meetings and discussions, presentations, oral and written reports, and information from other associates that are contacted for support or expertise. The aim of the confidentiality code is to protect the company and its partners from any harm.