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First quarter 2021 results

Saudi Aramco’s Q1 2021 Results

May 4, 2021

Saudi Aramco published its Q1 2021 results and dividend announcement on Tuesday May 4, 2021.

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Tapline pipe

The Tapline: a legacy of triumph

The Trans-Arabian Pipeline—or Tapline—has been officially recognized as Saudi Arabia’s first industrial heritage site. This is the story of how the 70-year-old oil pipeline won its place in history – and in the affections of those who worked on it

A conversation with Ahmad Al-Khowaiter

Aramco's chief technology officer talks about the future of technology in the energy sector, from mobile carbon capture to blue hydrogen.

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87 years

of experience

336.87 billion

we manage the Kingdom's proved reserves of 336.87 billion barrels of oil equivalent


total workforce