College degree program

High school graduates

The College Degree Program for Non-Employees is a highly selective scholarship program for Saudi male and female high school graduates.

It is one of the Saudi Aramco’s primary sources for entry-level Saudi professionals. Each year, Saudi Aramco selects top Saudi high school graduates from the science stream — with the requisite high school GPA, Qiyas, and company English and math placement scores — to be sponsored to study for a bachelor’s degree in a discipline required by the company.

After successful completion of Saudi Aramco's 10-month College Preparatory Program (CPP) in Dhahran, students are sponsored to attend an out-of-Kingdom university in their assigned field of study. Following successful completion of their bachelor’s degree program, students are targeted for employment at the professional level with Saudi Aramco.

Students are provided with a high level of support to ensure that they achieve their goals. While completing the CPP portion of the program, students will receive support from College Preparatory Center (CPC) staff to ensure that they are prepared for the challenges of enrolling in a top-tier university. This will include preparation for Test of English as a Foreign Language and International English Language Testing System tests and assistance with their university applications. In addition, the rigorous academic program offered in the CPC will ensure that students are ready to meet the academic challenges that they may face once they begin their university studies. The support offered to the program participants does not stop once they leave the Kingdom. Saudi Aramco counselors, located in many of the countries where CDPNE students will study, provide students with needed assistance while they are working to achieve their academic goals.


During the CPP Program

If you are admitted to the program, Saudi Aramco will provide you with the following:

  • Support with preparation of your application for admission to a top-tier university and assistance with the registration process.
  • Assistance with preparation to meet the requirements for admission to a top-tier university, such as the SAT and IELTS exams.
  • A monthly stipend of SR 3,500.
  • Housing, as per Saudi Aramco’s housing policy.
  • Free transportation on Saudi Aramco buses.
  • Free medical care, as per company policy.
  • Use of the company’s aviation services inside the Kingdom.
  • Discounted tickets on Saudi Arabian Airlines domestic flights.
  • Access to recreational facilities, including swimming pools, gym, and other sports facilities. In addition, other public facilities are available close to company-provided housing, including restaurants, banks, and shopping centers.

During University

  • Sponsorship of your college education
  • A monthly stipend based on the location of your studies
  • A one-time unaccountable computer allowance
  • A book allowance for each academic year
  • A one-time allowance to assist with your settling-in expenses upon arrival at the school location
  • An academic achievement award based on your academic performance and the ranking of the university you are attending as per Saudi Aramco list of schools
  • A return ticket once every academic year subject to meeting the program requirements
  • Medical coverage based on the company’s policy
  • Academic counseling and guidance will be provided throughout the period of the sponsorship
  • Orientation programs in Dhahran, as well as in the country in which you will be studying, if applicable

*The company reserves the right to change the program entitlements at any time.

Benefits as a Saudi Aramco Employee

  • A monthly salary, paid 12 times a year, plus one Ramadan salary payment.
  • Housing allowance (three months base salary per year).
  • Extra incentives related to the worksite location that could reach up to 70% of the basic annual salary.
    Possibility of an annual corporate bonus.
  • Annual leave, as per company policy, plus public holidays, as scheduled in the company’s operational calendar.
  • Medical coverage for you, your wife, your children, and your parents.
  • An option to participate in the company’s savings plan (Thrift Plan).
  • An option to participate in the company’s Home Ownership Program.
  • Access to recreational facilities.
  • Use of the company’s aviation services inside the Kingdom.
  • Use of the company’s bus transportation services.
  • Corporate discounts with various product and service providers in the Kingdom and around the world, such as major hotels, international airlines and car rental companies.


  • Be currently enrolled in the second semester of the grade 12 science track, for the current academic year (1441/1442 H), or have graduated from the high school science track during the current academic year (1441/1442 H).
  • If the cumulative percentage is 90% and more for the entire high school duration (Grades 10, 11, and the first semester of grade 12) and the cumulative percentage for math and science courses (math, physics, chemistry, and biology) for the entire high school duration (Grades 10, 11, and the first semester of grade 12) is 90% and more. The applicant must hold QIYAS score of 85 or more. (The QIYAS GAT is provided by the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education.)
  • If the cumulative percentage is (85% to 89.99%) for the entire high school duration (Grades 10, 11, and the first semester of grade 12) and the cumulative percentage is (85% to 89.99%) for math and science courses (math, physics, chemistry, and biology) for the entire high school duration (Grades 10, 11, and the first semester of grade 12). The applicant must hold QIYAS score of 90 or more. (The QIYAS GAT is provided by the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education.)
  • Candidates must present a valid government ID or a passport before taking the CDPNE test. Any candidates who do not present a valid government ID or a passport will not be allowed to take the test.
  • Be no older than 22 Hijra years.

Program requirements for applicants graduating from International High-School Systems (PDF, 146KB)

Sample test items for both the English and math screening tests are available here.

College Preparatory Program Exemption:

Exemptions from attending the one-year College Preparatory Program (CPP) will be considered for high-caliber high school graduates from In-Kingdom schools and from high-quality international schools on the following basis:

  • The candidate is accepted for enrollment in the College Degree Program for Non-Employee based on the eligibility criteria and the program’s English and Math test.
  • The candidate has an unconditional acceptance from a Top 30 university worldwide based on the QS ranking system for a study major required by the Company in the specific year. The unconditional offer must be into a Freshman Year (US), a Foundation Year (UK), or equivalent entry level at a Top 30 university program.
  • The candidate who has secured unconditional acceptance from a Top 30 university will be contacted to provide the required documents for the CPP waiver application.
  • All CPP waiver applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Company.
  • All the required document for the CPP waiver application must be submitted prior to ـJune 03, 2021.

What you need to do:

  • Complete the online application form.
  • Attend the English and Math test scheduled from May 18 to 21, 2021.

If you are initially nominated for the program, you will be scheduled for an appointment to complete the below processes:

  • Complete the pre-employment medical examination. You will receive the invitation through email.
  • Attending the CDPNE Career Fair. You will receive the invitation through email.
  • Signing the training agreement and issuing your ID card.
  • Attending the program orientation on August 11 & 12, 2021.
  • Attending the program start-up on August 15, 2021.

You will need to submit the official copies of your high school transcripts, plus a photocopy of your passport photo prior to starting the CPP.

How to Apply

You can apply online only during the announced registration period.


Saja Mohamed Matsah

Major: Computer Science

I joined the CPP because I’ve always been passionate about programming. I‘ve never stopped chasing my dream to become a programmer, even though the field of computer science is dominated by males, and there are limited opportunities to study computer science.

I was inspired by my brother, who was a former CPP student. He provided me with a lot of information about his time as a CDPNE student. He told me about Saudi Aramco’s CPP, which prepares trainees mentally and physically for life overseas. It helps to build students’ independence and life management skills, and provides a platform to explore their creativity through club activities. The ultimate goal is to ensure that trainees are ready to study abroad in one of the top universities worldwide.

It is important to note that before applying to the CDPNE, prospective students should aim to get high marks in secondary school, and have the strength and commitment to do their best to serve their company and their country.

Saja Mohamed Matsah
Reem Khalid Alrowaished

Reem Khalid Alrowaished

Major: Geophysics

Choosing Saudi Aramco was a natural choice for someone who was always at the top of their class. On a professional level, Aramco provided a path that aligned my passion for being part of the solution to our world’s complex environmental issues with achieving my career goals.

When I first joined the company, I was put on the CPP’s engineering track. This would prepare me for my dream job in geophysics. I had just started my journey when I was provided with the chance to visit my sponsoring department. There, I had the chance to see my future workplace, where I will work when I return from completing my degree overseas.

During the preparation year, Aramco offers a supportive and experienced team that takes care of us and assists us with our university applications, improves our academic skills, and helps to guide us to become young professionals. I am also privileged to be surrounded by brilliant colleagues who share similar aspirations.

These are just a few things of the things that make me proud to be an Aramcon.

Amer Ashraf Alghazzawi
Petroleum Engineering

As a fresh high school graduate, the uncertainty of life going forward was possibly the biggest concern that I faced. The demanding requirements set by international universities felt far out of reach, both academically and personally. Saudi Aramco’s College Preparatory Program (CPP) was, and is, undeniably the best choice I could have made for myself.

The program’s rigor pushed me to my limits as a student, teaching me skills that will benefit me many years after my academic journey is over. Supported by the professional and encouraging staff, my peers and I were able to establish an educational foundation that would eventually thrust us into the top of our university classes.

In terms of university preparation, the teachers and staff at CPP allowed me to perform my absolute best at the all-important IELTS exam, together with substantial facilitation and practice for the SAT exam, both of which are required by the majority of top universities. Such preparations, along with the constant assistance with university applications and essay counseling, has allowed me to aim for the best of the best universities in the world.

As the CPP year comes to a close, I can say, without a shadow of a doubt in my mind, that Saudi Aramco’s CPP is not only the right choice for me, but the best choice.

Amer AlGhazzawi