Creating value

With Converge polyols, we aim to meet global demand for more sustainable chemicals products while reducing our impact on the environment – and all while providing valuable performance characteristics.

We go beyond reducing emissions; we convert captured carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gases into useful industrial products and manufacturing feedstocks.

Through Converge®, we’re finding innovative ways to repurpose CO2 emissions and turn them into high-value products that serve the needs of societies and people around the world.

While others may view CO2 and other green house gas emissions as waste products, we see them useful materials we can use to create potential additional value streams for our company.

About Converge

Chapter 1

Using a proprietary catalyst, Converge polyols technology takes the greenhouse gas CO2 and combines it with our abundant hydrocarbon feedstocks, to create high performing polyols for use in everyday applications: coatings for household appliances, consumer and industrial adhesives, automotive and medical applications, food packaging, and more.

Containing up to 40% CO2 by mass, Converge polyols have a significantly reduced carbon and energy footprint that is unique to the marketplace. When compared to other conventional polyether and polyester polyols, Converge polyols have approximately one third the carbon footprint and an even greater reduction over acrylics, epoxies or conventional polycarbonate polyols.

Converge polyols store carbon dioxide during the life of the product, removing harmful greenhouse gas from the environment. This contributes to company-wide CO2 sequestration efforts supporting Aramco’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of operations and global calls for climate protection.

Leading technology and performance

As an innovator with a renowned research and development program, we see a future for Converge polyols founded on our ability to nurture and grow great ideas into globally scalable products.

Converge polyols offer a unique combination of high performance and renewability, and can be used in in all polyurethane applications, including coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers (CASE).

One of the significant benefits of Converge polyols is superior materials performance, specifically, increased strength. In CASE applications, the addition of Converge polyols in coatings increases abrasion and environmental resistance, and gives adhesives and sealants increased adhesive and tensile strength, and brings higher load-bearing capacity, hardness, tear and tensile properties to elastomers.

The Converge polyols’ polymerization process occurs using modest reaction conditions – slightly above room temperature – which takes less energy to produce when compared to other polyols.

Global Scale

A new era in industrial diversification is underway in Saudi Arabia with downstream growth figuring prominently. As part of that strategy, we are planning for full-scale production facilities in Saudi Arabia to support the manufacture of specialty and intermediate chemical products like Converge polyols to supply a wide range of industries. Significantly, the build-up also offers opportunities, for small- and medium-sized in-Kingdom enterprises, to increase their role in producing high value finished and semi-finished products for regional consumption.

Aramco’s proven global operational capabilities and reliability, in addition to our access to dependable feedstock supplies, gives Converge polyols customers a significant benefit in bringing to market the products that are part of modern day lives.

Aramco Performance Materials, LLC. 


Chapter 2

Converge® polyols offer polyurethane coating formulators the ability to develop coatings with a high degree of hardness while maintaining sufficient flexibility. The polycarbonate backbone offers excellent environmental, chemical, and UV resistance.

Coil Coatings

Converge polyols exhibit an excellent balance of hardness and flexibility, enhance scratch and abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and allow for good post-coating formability of coil coatings – and make a good candidate for household appliance and industrial applications.

Can Coatings

Converge polyols offer a non-BPA solution for coatings applied to the interior and exterior of food, beverage, and industrial cans, and protect the contents from contamination due to contact with metal surfaces.

Automotive Coatings

In automotive applications, Converge polyols offer excellent mechanical and chemical resistance for protective primers, decorative topcoats, and interior finishes. The pure aliphatic carbonate backbone imparts high gloss, good UV and weathering resistance, and offers excellent resistance.

Plastic Coatings

Converge polyols are an excellent additive to support increased light-weighting and impact resistance in automotive applications, with improved scratch, wear and weathering resistance.

Wood Coatings/ Polyurethane Dispersions

Converge polyols can bring about improved hardness, chemical and stain resistance, and weatherability in both solvent-based and water-based systems, which are prevalent in wood coatings, from high performance joinery to parquet flooring.

Textile/ Leather Coating/ Polyurethane

Dispersion Systems containing Converge polyols offer enhanced chemical and hydrolysis resistance while maintaining the desired color fastness. Converge polyols can be used in both water-based polyurethane dispersions and solvent-based formulations, improving the performance of textile-based products, such as synthetic leather, exterior awnings, or weather-resistant fabric.

Adhesives and sealants

Chapter 3

The incorporation of Converge® polyols into polyurethane adhesive and sealant formulations has been shown to improve adhesive and sealant green strength, substrate adhesion, and tensile strength when used to bond a wide range of substrates.

Flexible packaging adhesives

Converge polyols have a very low polydispersity and do not contain stabilizers or antioxidants, making them excellent candidates for food contact applications. When combined with their excellent adhesion to many substrates, this combination of properties further enhances the value of Converge polyols for flexible packaging applications.

Reactive hot melts

The amorphous nature and high viscosity of Converge polyols and their ability to be formulated with existing crystalline polyols enables reactive hot melt adhesives with enhanced green strength, greater adhesive and cohesive strength, and improved hydrolysis resistance.

Structural adhesives

The inherently high mechanical strength of Converge polyols, when used in combination with more elastic polyols, makes it possible to expand the performance envelope of structural adhesives.


Converge polyols can be used in all types of sealant formulations to increase tensile strength and extend the lifetime of the sealant through improved resistance to environmental conditions. Uses include sealants in transportation, industrial, construction, and commercial applications.


Chapter 4

When formulated with existing polyols, Converge® polyols make it possible to further enhance the mechanical durability, chemical, and environmental resistance properties of many types of polyurethane elastomers, including both cast and thermoplastic polyurethane systems.

Product information

Chapter 5

Superior performance and sustainability with Converge® polyols. Detailed technical information can be found in the following datasheets:

Converge CPX-2012-112 (PDF, 228 KB)
Converge CPX-2520-56 (PDF, 381 KB)


Chapter 6

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