Saudi Aramco Power Company (SAPCO)

Transforming the power sector

Efficient, reliable, and independent solutions for a dynamic power industry.

Powering our communities with reliable and efficient energy lies at the center of all we do. From pioneering solutions to modern energy challenges to creating power infrastructure to providing power to industry and families - SAPCO consolidates leading power industry entities to meet our customers’ needs.

Established in 2016, the Saudi Aramco Power Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Aramco overseeing all activities in the power and utilities sector of Saudi Aramco’s operations. We build on seven decades of experience from Aramco Power Systems that provided dependable electric supply, and operation and maintenance services to the Kingdom’s critical hydrocarbon facilities.

We are investing in power entities and infrastructure across the Kingdom to build a robust power sector in our pursuit to lead energy supply and services in Saudi Arabia – such as our joint venture investments with industry leaders.

Our operations span energy supply, infrastructure development and operations, expert consultation, and maintenance services. Building on our long-standing experience, our services extend to performing detailed engineering investigations and evaluations of highly complicated and sophisticated system designs.

We strive to deliver more sustainable and cleaner energy - investing in renewable energy and promoting innovation across the power sector value chain.

By 2025, SAPCO, as the Power arm of Saudi Aramco, is a successful player in the domestic & global power sector, and recognized as an important influencer in the transformation of the Power sector.

Establish SAPCO as a commercial company, operating in power services and investing in conventional and renewable power companies.

Our investment partners

Fadhili Plant Cogeneration Company (FPCC)

Located in the Eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the Fadhili Plant Cogeneration Company (FPCC) provides an aggregate capacity of approximately 1520 MW of electricity through efficient cogeneration of steam and electricity. FPCC is a Special Purpose Vehicle consisting of Saudi Aramco Power Company (SAPCO), Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) and Engie Energy International (EEI).

Power Cogeneration Plant Company (PCPC)

Power Cogeneration Plant Company (PCPC) ensures the safe, reliable and cost-efficient delivery of electric power and steam to Saudi Aramco utilizing innovative Cogeneration technology.

PCPC is a special purpose company established for the Third-Party Cogeneration Project of Saudi Aramco. The project formed as a joint venture of SAPCO and A.R.C.H. W.L.L (ARCH) with project sites in Abqaiq, Hawiyah and Ras Tanura.

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Our staff is composed of talented and customer-focused professionals who are energetic, empowered, and engaged. If you would like to discuss opportunities, please contact us.

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