Refined products


Through our network of domestic wholly-owned refineries and our joint venture refineries with international partners, we produce critical feedstock for industry and the essential fuels that meet the needs of productive communities around the world.

The company's downstream operations began in 1945 when the Ras Tanura refinery started operations and expanded with the acquisition of an in-Kingdom refining network from Samarec in 1993. Today, we produce a full slate of quality fuels and lubricants that meet or exceed international quality standards.

Our principle refined products include: LPG, naphtha, gasoline, jet fuel/kerosene, diesel, fuel oil, and asphalt. Our wholly-owned and joint venture refineries are calibrated to use our crude oil grades, gives us dedicated outlets for our crude oil, and delivery of refined our refined products to the downstream markets we serve.

We own and operate three domestic refineries, with a fourth under construction, to supply gasoline, diesel and other products to local customers and consumers. In addition, we participate in five refineries with international partners in the Kingdom, four of which have integrated chemicals manufacturing capability.

Internationally, we are represented in the three major global energy markets of Asia, North America, and Europe.

Aramco’s 70% stake in SABIC, the global diversified chemicals company, has enabled us to strengthen our chemicals platform, and expand our reach and footprint in more than 50 countries, worldwide.

We supply refined products to more than 17,000 service stations worldwide with 5,300 located in the U.S., more than 5,200 in China and South Korea, 6,500 in Japan and 270 service stations in Saudi Arabia.