COVID-19 response

We’re all facing a new reality, full of challenges and restrictions. It’s only natural to feel a bit down and stressed at times. The trick is to switch your focus to something positive, whether it be meditation, journal writing, or reconnecting with distant friends.

Each day, treat yourself to something special—an activity reserved exclusively for you. Schedule a day of beauty or pure indulgence and mark it on your calendar.

For more ideas and techniques, explore these resources.

COVID-19 information tool kit developed by the John Hopkins Aramco Healthcare team

JHAH Mental Health Toolkit

Self-care app featuring clinically validated techniques to help you manage your moods and thoughts


No.1 ranked-app for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation


App that enables you to keep a private journal to track your mood


Ai-based app helps you understand yourself, improve relationships and feel more balanced


Calm your body and mind with personalized meditations & music


Brain training app designed to improve memory, increase focus, and feel sharper


Best-selling author explores all aspects of wellness and nutrition with experts

Rich Roll

Award-winning public radio show and podcast exploring what it means to be human

On Being

A self-care app that gently prompts users towards wellness activities

Aloe Bud

Free at-home workout YouTube Channel


50 inspirational quotes for a mood-boost

Good Housekeeping

App created to introduce beginners to yoga

Down Dog

Learn mindfulness techniques to improve your wellbeing

Monash University

Maintaining a positive mindset during COVID-19

Mental Health

8 principles to achieve optimum mental health

TEDx Rockhampton

You can also reach the JHAH Emotional Help Line at (013) 870 - 1919

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