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We all play a role in our planet's present and future. And at Aramco, we take our role seriously.

We are committed to supporting the biodiversity of our land, seas, and coastlines.

Our resources and expertise have so far helped conserve endangered species, plant millions of mangrove trees, and deploy artificial reefs in the Arabian Gulf and Red Sea.

We hope to grow our efforts, and make a more positive and lasting impact on the ecology and ecosystems of Saudi Arabia, and beyond.

Discover some of our ongoing projects to support both biodiversity protection in Saudi Arabia and the local communities where we operate in our video series -- 'Promoting Biodiversity'.

Bird Migration

Saudi Arabia is a stopover for many birds on their global migratory journey. On our company land, Aramco has created biodiversity protection areas that provide vital habitats and resting points for many of these migratory birds in the course of their travels.

Marine protection

Aramco has so far deployed dozens of artificial reefs in the Arabian Gulf and Red Sea to help rebuild marine ecosystems, protect coastlines, and support local fisheries.

Shaybah Wildlife Sanctuary

Aramco has helped efforts to restore local populations of the Arabian oryx, sand gazelle, and ostrich, that all now roam the iconic towering sand dunes of the company's Shaybah Wildlife Sanctuary in the vast empty quarter.

Other projects and programs

Explore some of our other key programs that support our ecologically-aware approach to how we operate.

Microbusinesses – honey and coffee

Supporting our citizenship strategy, Aramco provides materials, training and expertise to assist honey production for more than 1,800 beekeepers from the southwest of Saudi Arabia, and help Saudi coffee farming prosper, contributing to the country's economic growth, while also stimulating the growth of traditional crafts and products.

Circular Carbon Economy

The Circular Carbon Economy is an important concept for helping manage the world's emissions to mitigate climate change. Aramco has adopted this framework of using resources again and again to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Facts and figures, as included in the videos, were correct as of time of filming:  Bird migration, Marine protection, Microbusinesses – honey and coffee (2021); Shaybah Wildlife Sanctuary, Circular Carbon Economy (2021).  This series was produced for Aramco by National Geographic CreativeWorks.

You can find even more commissioned content on our Promoting Biodiversity hub on National Geographic's website