Our approach to sustainability


Sustainable practices are essential to ensuring that Aramco continues to thrive in the long-term, and that it remains one of the world’s largest integrated energy and chemicals companies throughout the global energy transition.

The concept of "sustainability" provides perspective on the relationship between Aramco and its stakeholders. It allows the Company to consider how societal and environmental issues affect its business and it is a driver of Aramco’s strategy.

Sustainability factors have become increasingly critical for Aramco, as it aims to balance profitability, environmental protection, and the growth and prosperity of the communities in which it operates.

Internal and external engagement and analysis have helped determine the sustainability issues that are most important to Aramco and its stakeholders.
In response, Aramco has developed a framework encompassing the key focus areas below.

We work on protecting the environment through several initiatives that reduce emissions, conserve resources, and support biodiversity.

ESG metrics

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