Micro industries

Economic and community projects

We believe in the power of ideas to create opportunities. And we believe in the power of people to amplify those ideas to generate even more opportunities with greater impact.

By connecting people and ideas, we expand the possibilities to spur diversification, drive sustainable economic growth, add meaningful jobs to the labor market, and contribute to the health and well-being of our communities and the people who call them home.

Our initiative to seed micro industries in the Kingdom is designed to empower people to shape their own economic future by creating additional value from traditional crafts and natural resources. We have identified several micro industries that, with the right business model and support, are ripe for generating long-term impact for local communities.

We’re providing members of our communities with more than an additional source of income. We’re equipping them with the knowledge and skills to establish, manage, and develop sustainable businesses that will make a real difference in people’s lives.

Beekeeping in Al-Bahah

Chapter 1

The area of Al-Bahah, located in southwestern Saudi Arabia, has a long tradition of honey production, however employing the traditional methods in use by most beekeepers there has historically yielded low quantity and quality.

In collaboration with the Beekeepers Cooperative Association and Al-Majdouei Charity, we worked to introduce modern beekeeping methods to the region.

Coffee in Jazan

Chapter 2

Together with the Aldayer Charitable Society, we are working to raise knowledge and improve standards for coffee production among more than 560 farmers in southwestern Saudi Arabia’s Jazan Mountains.

We provided tools and training in the latest coffee cultivation methods, planted new coffee trees, and secured an off-taker to elevate product standards and support the growth of the industry.

Fishermen in Yanbu

Chapter 3

Through collaboration with the Border Guard and Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, and in partnership with Nesma Holding Co., the project aims to support 100 fishermen in Baysh and Yanbu'.

We are helping to boost the ability of the fishermen to support their families by enriching their knowledge, improving standards and providing them with new fishing boats and related equipment.

Olive trees in Al-Jouf

Chapter 4

We have established nurseries for growing olive tree seedlings in the Al-Jouf area of northern Saudi Arabia to generate new income opportunities for families. We installed 10 nurseries, planted nearly 2 million olive tree seedlings, and provided training to 50 families.

The project seeks to provide opportunities to generate income by leveraging the quality of the Al-Jouf soil that encourages olive cultivation. In the past, the use of drip irrigation damaged seedlings, making them unfit for planting. A new 'mist irrigation' is being introduced to save water and extend the life of the seedlings. We are implementing this project in partnership with Al-Mustawdaa Charity.

Sewing in Dammam

Chapter 5

This project aims to prepare 100 hearing-impaired women for the labor market by training them to manufacture medical supplies.

This helps them to fully integrate into society and to generate income for their families. The project is being jointly implemented with Nesma Holdings Co., and Al-Rahma Medical Society.