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Delivering positive impact on both the society and environment.

Aramco grants process, criteria, and guidelines

Aramco strongly believes in acting with the purpose of delivering positive impact on both the society and environment. The company is amplifying this impact by providing resources to empower people through knowledge and creativity, by supporting sustainable development, and through working to protect and rehabilitate natural ecosystems.

Aramco may provide grants for charitable, educational, humanitarian, cultural, and scientific purposes primarily for the benefit of the people of the communities in which Aramco does business, both inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Grants may only be made to nonprofit charitable and philanthropic organizations registered with local authorities (HRSD).


Organizations may only submit one request within a grant approval cycle. Additionally, all requests must meet the following minimum criteria to be considered for a grant:

1. Present alignment with current corporate citizenship strategy social investment themes:

  •  People: Knowledge & Creativity
  • People: Socio-economic opportunities
  •  Planet: Biodiversity preservation

2. Serves fence-line communities

3. Supports nonprofit organization

4. Shows a good track record and 3 years of sound financial statements

5. Adheres to company, local enforcement laws, cultures, norms, safety standards, and regulations

6. Offers opportunity to create value and measurable societal or environmental impact

7. Has potential for long-term, sustainable partnership

If the above minimum criteria are met, the grant request, will be shared with the Citizenship Executive Committee, if approved your organization will be contacted with further details.


We regret to decline requests by organization’s that are associated with certain activities such as:

1. Requests benefiting an individual person or family
2. For-profit organizations
3. General operating expenses
4. Events, Conferences, forums, trade shows, conventions, seminars
5. Charities in areas without Aramco facilities or operations
6. Religious activities and/or faith-based organizations
7. Political candidates, Political parties, lobby groups, or organizations
8. Aramco business resource groups
9. Hospitals or medical research
10. Initiatives where benefits occur outside Saudi Arabia (see below for out of Saudi Arabia funding options)

Organizations outside of Saudi Arabia:

Please contact the Aramco company in your country or visit the Global directory

Submission deadline

Applications are accepted in January of every year and decisions are communicated by April of the same year. Aramco adequately evaluates grant requests to make a decision that ensures maximum societal or environmental impact. If additional information is needed Aramco will contact you through the email address provided in the application.