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Aramco takes great pride in sponsoring selected events, organizations, and projects in alignment with the Company’s objectives.

Aramco sponsorship process, criteria, and guidelines

We are always seeking strategic and long-term partnerships. All organizations are welcome to submit a sponsorship request. However, please review our highly selective evaluation process and eligibility criteria before submitting a request using the link at the bottom of this page. Sponsorship requests received by email, post, or hand are no longer accepted.

All requests must meet the following minimum criteria to be considered for potential sponsorship:

  • Clarity of objectives in relation to the sponsorship type
  • Positive exposure for the Aramco brand
  • Ability to reach targeted audiences and build relationships
  • Opportunity to create value
  • Tangible business benefits associated with the sponsorship
  • Potential for long-term, sustainable, value partnership or relationship

If the above minimum criteria are met, the proposal will be reviewed for relevance to our operations, scope, and subject matter to determine if the proposal is deemed a potential fit for our brand and sponsorship strategies. If found to be a potential fit, the proposal is shared with relative internal organizations for evaluation. Once reviewed, the Aramco Sponsorship Committee will make a decision. If approved, your organization will be invited to submit more details.

We regret that we must decline requests by organizations or events that are associated with certain activities as they do not resonate with our brand strategy or our Company’s business and objectives. Such activities include:

  • Charitable fundraisers
  • Requests that benefit an individual person or family
  • Religious activities
  • Political candidates, organizations, or campaigns
  • Memorials or endowments
  • Hospitals or medical research
  • Unregulated or independent high-risk activities that could endanger lives

In addition, sponsorship requests for events or projects that are planned to take place within 90 days of the date of the application submission will be automatically declined.

Processing time
Aramco reviews requests on a regular basis. To allow enough time for adequate evaluation, we require 60 days from application submission for review. If additional information is needed, Aramco will contact you through the email address provided in the application.

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