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Women in business

Aramco is committed to boosting the number of women in its workforce.

Aramco is committed to boosting the number of women in its workforce. We have created several initiatives to enhance women’s representation, creating our own supply of talent through programs such as sponsored college degrees and university outreach.

We are also creating more opportunities for women to expand their skill sets through education, development, and challenging assignments. We were a launch partner and anchor client of the Riyadh All-Women Center for Business Process and IT Services — and established two female driving schools for women in Dhahran and Al-Hasa.

Guided by the latest research in work motivation, engagement, career development, coaching, emotional intelligence, and women in leadership, our suite of business, leadership, and mentoring programs are designed to support women throughout their careers. 

We collaborate with local universities to leverage their engineering programs, identifying highly-qualified female candidates in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) for opportunities within our company. We also sponsor young Saudi women pursuing degrees in STEM subjects through various training institutes, academies, and a university scholarship program. Today, our female employees include engineers working in the field and in plants, scientists in our R&D Centers conducting innovative research, inventors coming up with new processes and products, and traders selling products to customers around the world.

We also have developed and launched GROW 2.0 (Gulf Region Organization for Women), to establish an organization and network to advance women’s professional opportunities regionally.

Women's driving schools

We established the first driving school for women located in Aramco, Dhahran, in collaboration with the Saudi Arabian Traffic Police Authority.

We currently operate two driving schools for women in Dhahran and Al-Hasa cities. The women trained at the Driving Center aren’t just good drivers, they also demonstrate safe driving for the rest of the Kingdom. The Centers are managed by qualified Saudi women, and they train both Saudi Aramco female employees and Saudi women in general, improving their quality of life and empowering further contributions to society.

All-Women Center for Business Process and IT Services, Riyadh

The All-Women Center for Business Process and IT Services is a joint venture between Princess Nourah University (PNU), a university for women based in Saudi Arabia, and Wipro Arabia Ltd. We are an advisor to and anchor tenant of the Center. 

Aligned with the Kingdom’s strategy for sustainable economic development and long-term localization initiatives, the WBP is an engineering drafting services, information technology, and business process services hub for a number of industry sectors, including energy, manufacturing, government, healthcare, telecom, and construction. The joint venture has developed the park’s facilities and infrastructure, providing employment opportunities for qualified Saudi females.

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