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Find out more about the benefits we offer to our Saudi employees.

We offer an outstanding benefits package for our Saudi employees.

Find out more about the benefits we offer to our Saudi employees.

Plan for your retirement

Our Supplemental Retirement Income plan provides a supplement to your primary government Social Insurance benefits related to company service.

The plan produces a total lifetime retirement income at retirement age from a combination of Social Insurance and contributions to the plan.

The retirement benefit encompasses 2% of your final two-year average pay, multiplied by your total number of recognized years of service.

Get in the saving habit

Saudi Aramco contributes to your savings when you enroll in our Thrift Plan.

Upon your termination of service, the company contributes 5% of your savings after one year of service, and up to 100% of your savings after ten years of service.

Buy or build your own home

If you need it, we’ll provide you with a Home Ownership Loan to buy or build your own single-family dwelling.

The loan amount depends on your regular monthly pay and your age, and is repaid through monthly payroll deductions.

You may also be eligible to receive a free building lot on a Saudi Aramco developed site. If lots are not available, we provide an allowance to buy a lot in addition to the basic loan.

Get medical coverage and dental care

We provide free health care for you and your eligible dependents at contracted medical designated facilities near your home or work location.

As an employee, you and your eligible dependents residing in Saudi Aramco housing in Dhahran, Abqaiq, Ras Tanura and ‘Udhailiyah are eligible to receive medical care at Saudi Aramco medical facilities.

Dental care is available, however, there is a charge for treatment.

Support in case of injury

We have established a Short-Term Disability Benefits program to protect the income of Saudi employees during periods of temporary disability due to industrial or non-industrial illness or injury.

Social Insurance

Saudi social insurance laws provide annuity, death and disability benefits to eligible participants. As a Saudi employee, you will be required to participate in the program.

Service Award Program

As a reward for your service to the company, you will receive Service Award gifts or gift certificates when you have been with us for 5 years, and then every 5th year thereafter.

Voluntary Family Protection Plan

You can enroll in this voluntary insurance program that pays a financial benefit in the event of an employee's death or dismemberment (permanent, partial or total).

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