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Apprenticeship program

Apprenticeship opportunities for Saudi high school graduates.

The Apprenticeship Program is designed to provide training to Saudi high school graduates to prepare them for entry-level jobs with Saudi Aramco. The program provides participants with academic and job skills training to ensure that they have the skills necessary to be successful in their future jobs

The job skills training depends on which job track the participant is following. While studying in the program, participants work with a range of skilled academic teachers and job skills trainers who provide the assistance and support needed to prepare participants for their career with Saudi Aramco.

The Apprenticeship Program's main focus is to provide training for participants so that they can be successful on the job, but ample opportunity also exists for participants to learn and develop a range of other skills. Many of the industrial training centers (ITCs) offer club activities that apprentices can join depending on their interests. For example, the Speak-Up Club at Dhahran North ITC helps students to develop their public speaking and leadership skills in addition to helping them increase their self-confidence. There are also opportunities to keep physically fit in the ITCs' sports facilities and to join sports teams, including football and basketball.


High school graduates (science stream, art stream, vocational stream and commercial stream) must have a:

  • Minimum high school average of 75.
  • Minimum QIYAS General Aptitude Test score of 72.
  • Not exceed the age of 24 Hijra years.
  • Graduate from high school in (1440/1441),(1441/1442), (1442/1443) and (1444H).

To view sample test items for both English and math screening tests click here.

How to apply

  • Complete the online application form.
  • Attend the English and Math tests scheduled (to be announced).

If you are initially nominated for the program, you will be scheduled for an appointment to complete the below processes:

  • Complete the pre-employment medical examination. You will receive the invitation through email.
  • Sign the training agreement and have your ID card issued.
  • Attending the program start-up on (to be announced).

Note: the dates above are subject to change and will be updated accordingly.  

How to Apply

Applications are closed. You can apply online only during the announced registration period.

To access your candidate profile after registration, please click here.

Process overview

Note: Applicants are not considered “accepted” into the program until they have signed the training agreement, been issued an ID, and have reported to the training center.

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Choose your program Processes Review & submit

Apply to the desired program during application period

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APNE - Frequently Asked Questions



Benefits while studying as an apprentice

  • monthly stipend
  • housing, as per Saudi Aramco’s housing policy.
  • free transportation on Saudi Aramco buses
  • free medical care, as per the company’s policy
  • access to recreational facilities
  • use of the company’s aviation services inside the Kingdom
  • annual Ramadan vacation, plus public and ITC holidays as per the annual training calendar
  • remedial classes to provide extra support when needed

Job benefits as a Saudi Aramco employee

  • 12 monthly salaries plus one Ramadan salary
  • annual housing allowance
  • possibility of annual corporate bonus
  • 30 days annual leave balance plus public holidays, as scheduled in the company’s operational calendar
  • medical coverage for you, your wife, children, and your parents
  • option to participate in the company’s savings plan (Thrift Plan)
  • option to participate in the company’s Home Ownership Program
  • access to recreational facilities
  • use of the company’s aviation services inside the Kingdom
  • use of the company’s bus transportation services
  • privilege to acquire corporate discounts with various product and service providers in the Kingdom and around the world, such as major hotels, international airlines and car rental companies

Training Tracks

Training Tracks

Admin Clerk

This training track will help you build your skills and knowledge to enable you to work in an office environment in a clerical position. You will study English, algebra, business math, clerical computer skills, health and safety and organizational culture.

As an admin clerk you will handle different clerical tasks depending on the work in your department. For example, you could join one of the Drilling & Workover organizations as a technical engineering clerk and work with petroleum engineers. You might assist the engineers in an oil well design project by providing them with the technical data reports they need to complete the design model.

Another admin clerk job in Saudi Aramco involves working in the Personnel Department. In this organization you might be positioned as an HR service center front desk processor. You would be required to interact with various company employees and help them with different personnel and administrative issues, process their service requests, update their information, register dependants and work on the company’s SAP HR information system.

Operator: Oil and Gas

This training track is designed to give you the knowledge and skills you will need to succeed in a bilingual, multicultural industrial environment. You will learn English, algebra, technical math, organizational culture, health and safety, industrial safety, general operator skills and operation skills specifically required for your sponsoring organization.

As an operator you will work in one of the company’s various plants, pump stations or terminals. Depending on your sponsoring organization, you will be assigned to a specific location, where you will help monitor the operation process in that facility. For example, you could be assigned as an operator in one of Southern Area Oil Operations’ gas/oil separation plants. In such a job you could be assigned to work on shifts, and your tasks could vary from monitoring the oil/gas separation process through the instruments in the control room to inspecting the plant’s high- and low-pressure gas/oil separation vessels, flow and pressure measurement gauges and piping, safety valves and pumping turbines. This is a challenging and exciting job that will require high levels of safety awareness and concentration.

Instrument Repairman

This training track is designed to give you the academic, theoretical knowledge base and the skills required for you to be an instrument repairman. You will study English, algebra, technical math, organizational culture, health and safety, industrial safety, computer skills and process control system technical skills. You will be trained using state-of-the-art process control simulation systems to provide you with hands-on training that will help develop your skills.

As an instrument technician, you will work at one of the company’s various plants, pump stations, pipelines, terminals, etc. Depending on your sponsoring organization, you will be assigned to a specific location, where you will work under the maintenance section or division in that organization. You will be handling maintenance and repair jobs on the process control systems responsible for monitoring and controlling the operation process at the work site. For example, you might be assigned to the Ras Tanura Refinery Maintenance Department, where you could be given the task of maintaining instruments utilized in the plant’s process control systems. This job could involve requesting spare parts, conducting the repair process and inspecting other process control systems.

This is a job that requires a high level of English comprehension, a solid theoretical knowledge base and an understanding of electronics and how they work. In addition, an instrument repairman must be able to follow precise procedures.


This training track is designed to shape you into an English-speaking, knowledgeable and skilled firefighter ready to handle emergency situations in any of the company’s facilities. You will study English, algebra, technical math, organizational culture, computer skills, basic chemistry and health and safety. You will also go through an internationally accredited firefighting, rescue, and hazardous materials response training program delivered at Fire Protection Department’s training centers. This program will provide you with all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to deal with emergencies involving fire, rescue, or the release of hazardous materials. Candidates completing the Fire Protection Department’s Line Specific Training receive ten (10) internationally accredited certifications in fire, rescue and hazardous materials response.

As a firefighter, you will be a member of one of the company’s major loss prevention teams, which are located in fire stations around the Kingdom. Your primary task is to prevent and control any fire or deal with other emergencies that may occur in the company’s plants, facilities or properties. You will be trained to use all of the trucks and equipment needed to complete your job successfully. Your job may also involve responding to other emergency situations, such as gas leaks or people trapped in an automobile accident. You will conduct fire safety inspections of company buildings and facilities and ensure that facilities are in compliance with company policies. In addition, you will organize fire drills with the divisions in your area as a means of ensuring that their employees are sufficiently prepared to respond to emergency situations. As a firefighter, you will be expected to stay physically fit to be able to meet the challenges this job will present.

Industrial Security Man

This training track is designed to shape you into an English-speaking, knowledgeable and skilled industrial security officer who is ready to handle different types of security-related situations. You will study English, algebra, technical math, organizational culture, computer skills and health and safety. You will also go through an intensive skills training program at the Industrial Security Training Center in Dhahran. There you will be given a 12-week basic security officer diploma course, with training in first aid, self-defense, firearms, offshore security and much more. Saudi Aramco provides internationally accredited training, with successful graduates earning a Pearson Education Diploma.

As an industrial security man, you may be assigned to any location where a Saudi Aramco camp, facility or plant exists. You will be part of a team that is tasked with enforcing company regulations and protecting company facilities. Your day-to-day tasks could include taking charge of a company gate or checkpoint, screening visitors and conducting patrols around company facilities. During your work shift, you will be checking for compliance with traffic and safety regulations and security procedures as well as collecting traffic data and preparing security reports. As a security officer, you will have the authority to enforce traffic regulations and Saudi Aramco policies.

Industrial security will give you a chance to interact with company employees from various nationalities and backgrounds. The job requires individuals to have good interpersonal and communication skills as well as a strong knowledge of the company’s regulations

Other job tracks include

  • Drilling Mechanic
  • Metal Fabricator
  • Welder
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance Technician
  • Electrical Technician




Fahad Dossary - Draftsman Apprentice

The education in the ITC is divided into two parts: academic training and job skills training. In the academic section of the program, we get to learn English, mathematics and other important courses like safety.

In job skills, there are many job tracks that can be assigned, such as Fireman, Security Man, Electrician and Clerk. I was chosen for the Draftsman track. In this track, I am learning the basics of engineering drawings. As we develop our skills, we learn how to read and draw increasingly advanced types of drawings like civil and mechanical engineering drawings. Once we have developed the ability to draw by hand, we learn how to use various computer programs to produce computer-assisted drawings.

The program is very challenging, but our teachers make it easy for us. They work closely with us to support us and explain everything we need to know to be successful. In addition, we are provided with training on the tools we will need when we start our jobs.

I decided to join the Saudi Aramco apprenticeship program because it would help me develop my professional skills. Also, I knew that once I successfully graduated from the program, I would be given a job.

Hussain Al Khalil

Joining Saudi Aramco’s apprenticeship program has been a great opportunity. The learning environment here is fantastic. The teachers here are qualified, and they are always there to help us. We work with them to improve our skills in a variety of different ways. For example, we use English at all times in the classroom, which helps us to develop our language skills more quickly. The courses provided here for the trainees are very important. In my IT classes, I am learning computer and office skills that will help me to be successful once I start my job.

In addition, we have the chance to learn things that help us to develop and make a contribution to our community. For example, one of the most useful courses I’ve taken is the Heartsaver course. In this class, I’ve learned how to respond to medical emergencies that might occur at any time. Also, joining in the extracurricular activities has provided me with opportunities for self-development. I joined the Speak-Up Club, where I’ve learned to make effective presentations and develop my speaking skills.

I’m happy to say that being a trainee with Saudi Aramco has changed my life. I keep learning new things, improving my skills and taking very valuable training courses. All in all, the courses we take help us to be confident, competent and responsible Saudi Aramco employees.

Abdulrahman Hosawi

Studying at the ITC is helping me to improve my English language skills. In particular, I believe there are plenty of opportunities to improve my speaking skills. There are lots of chances to practice my speaking skills with native speakers both in the class and in club activities. I am sure my improved English skills will help me to succeed in my new job when I start working as a clerk.

Besides my English skills, I’ve improved my computer skills. I’ve learned to type properly. I’ve increased my speed and accuracy, which will help me both on the job and off. In our business classes, I’ve learned how to create a positive work environment and how to solve problems creatively.

Through our assignments and projects I’ve learned how to work effectively as part of a team. I’ve also learned how to better organize my time and how to organize my work. These are skills that I am sure will help me to succeed in my new job. Overall, I am learning a range of new skills that I know will help me prepare for my career with Saudi Aramco.


Have you applied to the program before?

Applicants who previously applied for the APNE or CDPNE programs who were not selected and are still interested in joining the APNE program, will be able to apply for this year's program. However, applicants will only be allowed one APNE retest. Therefore, applicants who were previously retested will not be eligible to apply for this year's program.

All applicants must take this year's placement test and must meet all current eligibility requirements.

To view sample test items for both the English and Math screening tests, click here.