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Gas Production


We’ve been capturing and using gas as a way to generate additional value streams beyond crude oil since the mid-1970s. Today, we are the sole supplier of natural gas to Saudi Arabia, the seventh largest natural gas market in the world.

Our natural gas is a fundamental product used to meet growing domestic energy demand to power industries such as steel, aluminum, and water desalination. It provides an efficient, cleaner burning energy alternative for these activities which helps lower emissions. Since our natural gas production yields large quantities of ethane, natural gas liquids (NGL) and condensate, we supply these as feedstocks for major petrochemical and building materials industries.

Night view of pipework at Saudi Aramco Wasit gas plant

Providing domestic customers with gas as a source of energy and as a feedstock has other advantages; it allows us to free up more crude oil for export and other high value applications.

Over the years, we have built a comprehensive gas infrastructure in the Kingdom that ensures timely and efficient delivery to our customers. The Master Gas System - an extensive network of pipelines and processing facilities - connects our key gas production sites with demand centers throughout the Kingdom. In addition, our oil and NGL export terminals serve as the launch point for supplying NGL to consumers around the world.

We’re committed to increasing production capacity to take advantage of opportunities resulting from increased use of gas – both as an energy source and as a feedstock for the chemicals industry.

Gas Production

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