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Human Resources Joint Venture Support Division

The local and global expansion of Aramco through the creation of more business partners translates into an increase in Human Resources (HR) support for these new partners.

The essential role of the Human Resources Joint Venture Support Divison (HRJVSD) is to support Aramco's joint ventures, subsidiaries and affiliates through their journey from startups to fully operational and sustainable entities. Their success will be determined by how they can attract, develop, engage and retain a competent workforce through an effective HR strategy.

The HRJVSD team will provide HR support that makes a difference.

“Our downstream strategy and its chemicals-focused components will enable progress toward multiple objectives, including strengthening the future position of oil and adding greater economic value. In addition to diversifying our business portfolio, it will also make Saudi Aramco more robust and resilient, and deliver results regardless of market volatility.”

Remarks by Amin H. Nasser, Saudi Aramco President & CEO, 13th Annual Gulf Petrochemicals & Chemicals Association Forum 2018, DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, November 28, 2018

Creating People Advantage

The HRJVSD team creates people advantage by understanding business drivers and providing innovative workable HR solutions to its clients. The team consists of the Saudi Aramco HR community’s experienced consultants, advisers, outside partners and networks.

Collaboration for Success

It is a key objective of the HRJVSD team to bring together HR resources and knowledge from our joint ventures, subsidiaries and affiliates to develop a HR learning community that shares successes, knowledge and lessons learned.

Bringing Knowledge

The HRJVSD team has global HR experience in various industries. It provides advice and solutions that are practical and cost-efficient with an operational focus on achievable outcomes.

"We are all expected to make a significant contribution to our shareholders and value our mission to stay aligned with the strategic goals and deliver the highest value our corporate business. We are required to be able to translate our business vision into practical and rewarding HR strategy."

Muhammad S. Al Abdallah, HRJVSD Director

About Aramco

The HRJVSD team is dedicated to providing our partners with HR support through four principal services: consulting, advising, facilitating and coordinating.

The team has international experience working in joint ventures and subsidiaries across diverse industries. The team’s expertise extends into the following areas:

  • Startup Support
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Development
  • Talent Retention
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Strategic and Operational HR Excellence
  • Inter-Joint Venture/Subsidiary Communication

The HRJVSD team comprises more than 20 consultants, analysts and support staff with a variety of backgrounds. The team’s consultants hold credentials in a variety of fields, including human resources management, business administration, marketing, industrial relations and management information systems.


To be the HR solutions focal point for Saudi Aramco’s joint ventures and subsidiaries.


To integrate HR best practices into Saudi Aramco’s joint ventures and subsidiaries enabling them to succeed through consultation, facilitation and coordination.


  • Evolving as a strategic consultative HR partner and adviser to Saudi Aramco joint ventures and subsidiaries.
  • Exploring opportunities for shared HR services by leveraging economies of scale and technologies.
  • Evaluating the professionals needed to facilitate the formation of HR functions in joint ventures and subsidiaries.
  • Contributing to the improvement of inter-joint venture communication and cooperation through an effective networking process.

Operating principles

Customer Orientation

  • Respond to our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.
  • Communicate mutual intentions and expectations clearly.
  • Make it easy for stakeholders to work with us.
  • Be the vendor of choice.


  • Achieve the highest standards of excellence.
  • Do the right thing.
  • Learn, develop and improve continuously.
  • Take pride in our work. 

Results Orientation

  • Set challenging and competitive goals.
  • Focus on output.
  • Assume responsibility.
  • Confront and solve problems constructively.
  • Execute flawlessly. 


  • Foster creative thinking.
  • Embrace change and challenge the status quo.
  • Listen to all ideas and viewpoints.
  • Learn from our successes and mistakes.
  • Encourage and reward informed risk taking. 


  • Conduct business with integrity.
  • Ensure a safe, clean, and healthy workplace.
  • Make and meet commitments.
  • Plan, fund and staff projects properly.

Rewarding workplace

  • Be open and direct.
  • Promote a challenging work environment.
  • Work as a team with respect and trust for each other.
  • Recognize and reward accomplishments.
  • Manage performance fairly and firmly.
  • Be an asset to our communities worldwide. 


"The Human Resources Joint Venture Support Division has been an instrumental business partner to NITI (National Industrial Training Institute). Their support during our start-up for both intakes in Abqaiq and Al-Hasa, which included the facilitation and attraction of stakeholders/trainees in addition to the design and implementation of our critical HR policies and programs, has contributed to the successful launch of our institute. HRJVSD also provided support to NITI in the identification of sponsored students for future classes."
Saad A. Al-Shahrani, Project Manager – NITI

"The Human Resources Joint Venture Support Division has been an invaluable business partner to PCPC (Power Co-Generation Plant Company). Their support during our start-up is ongoing and has allowed our management team to rapidly identify our immediate and long-term Human Resources needs. We look forward to a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with the HRJVSD organization."

Majed A. Al-Othman, Human Resources Manager, PCPC

"YASREF would like to recognize the Human Resources Joint Venture Support Division for its superior and timely professional support, as the department responded to our numerous service requests for HR services critical to the achievement of our goals and ultimate success. HRJVSD’s particular areas of assistance include:

  • Coordination and planning of apprentice program budgeted trained through Saudi Aramco.
  • The enrollment of 22 apprentices in NITI, despite the last minute notification received from us.
  • Coordination of the Mentor Certification program for our employees.
  • Accompanying YASREF HR management to NITI meetings for support in clearly explaining our needs.
  • Current assistance in the enrollment of the “new batch” of apprentices at NITI.

Please convey our appreciation to the entire HRJVSD team for their kind assistance and support."
Hashim M Mukhtar, HR Manager - YASREF

Business partners

Together we face similar HR challenges in acquiring, developing and retaining talent in a competitive employment market.

Together as an HR community we collaborate and learn from each other by developing new relationships and ways of conducting business. Together with our domestic and global joint ventures, subsidiaries and affiliates, we will make a difference.

Joint Ventures

Domestic Joint Ventures and Affiliates

  • JHAH - Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare 
  • LUBEREF - Saudi Aramco Lubricating Oil Refining Company
  • PCPC - Power Cogeneration Plant Company
  • PETRO RABIGH - Rabigh Refining & Petrochemical Company
  • SADARA - Sadara Chemicals Company
  • SAMREF - Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Company
  • SATORP - Saudi Aramco Total Refining & Petrochemical Company
  • YASREF - Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company Limited
  • Arabian Rig Manufacturing Company
  • IMI - International Maritime Industries
  • ARO Drilling
  • Engines & Pumps Manufacturing Joint Venture
  • FPCC - Fadhli Plant Cogeneration Company
  • Jasara Program Management Company

International Joint Ventures and Affiliates

  • SUMED - Arab Petroleum Pipelines Company, Egypt
  • TEAM Terminal, Europe
  • S-Oil Corporation, South Korea
  • Showa Shell, Japan
  • Fujian Refining & Petrochemical Company Limited, China
  • Motiva Enterprises, Houston, U.S.Saudi Petroleum International Inc, NY, U.S.
  • Saudi Refining Inc, Houston
  • Aramco Training Services Company, Houston
  • KJO - Al Khafji Joint Operations, Saudi Arabia - Kuwait Neutral Zone
  • Prefchem, Malaysia

Equity Investments

  • MARAFIQ - Power & Water Utility for Jubail & Yanbu



  • Aramco Entrepreneurship Center
  • SAEV - Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures
  • ATC - Aramco Trading Company
  • AGOC - Aramco Gulf Operations Company, Saudi Arabia-Kuwait Neutral Zone
  • Wisayat Al Khaleej Investment Company
  • Aramco Chemical Company
  • Aramco Power
  • King Salman Energy Park
  • National Cloud Company
  • National Cybersecurity Company
  • SASREF - Saudi Aramco Jubail Refinery Company
  • SARC - Saudi Aramco Retail Company
  • Saudi Aramco Technologies Company


  • AOC - Aramco Overseas Company, Europe
  • ASC - Aramco Services Company, North and South America
  • SAAC - Saudi Aramco Asia Company Ltd. Beiging, China

Government Affiliates

  • DTVC - Dhahran Techno Valley Company
  • KAPSRC - King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center
  • KAUST - King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
  • GCC Electrical Testing Laboratory
  • KFUPM - King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
  • National Strategic Partnership Office
  • Women Business Park

Government Affiliates National Academies

  • NITI - National Industrial Training Institute
  • SPSP - Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic
  • ITQANI - Inspection Technology & Quality Assurance National Institute
  • SADA - Saudi Arabian Drilling Academy
  • National Aviation Academy
  • National Construction Training Center
  • National IT Academy
  • National Leading Academy
  • National Maritime Academy
  • National Power Academy
  • National Training Center for Facilities and Hospitality Management


HRJVSD’s services are fully driven by the current HR functional needs of Saudi Aramco joint ventures and subsidiaries.

The services are aimed at adding considerable value for the attainment of their objectives and goals. We consult, advise, facilitate and coordinate to empower our partners toward taking decisive action with achievable and sustainable results.

Nabil Dabal in collaboration meeting

Consult: HRJVSD offers guidance and support with the objective of building our partners’ internal competencies. It will bring out the capabilities of our partners to participate fully in a process that drives results.

Advise: HRJVSD will provide exclusive, expert advice based on our vast experience regarding the best course of action while keeping our partners’ best interests at heart. It will offer hands-on advice based on proficiency, real-time data and lessons learned.

Facilitate: HRJVSD facilitates communication and knowledge sharing within our HR network to meet desired outcomes effectively and efficiently. It will leverage and mediate HR resources such that our partners are best served.

Coordinate: HRJVSD coordinates essential meetings, workshops and forums with key personnel to fit our partners’ needs. It will support our partners through every step with timely, follow-up actions.

 Confidentiality code

All HRJVSD staff involved with joint ventures or subsidiaries in the form of consultations, projects or otherwise have a legal and professional obligation to protect the confidentiality of all information provided to them on behalf of the client in the course of their duties. The nature of this information includes business meetings and discussions, presentations, oral and written reports, and information from other associates that are contacted for support or expertise. The aim of the confidentiality code is to protect the company and its partners from any harm.

Our HR community


Company Contact person Position E-mail
Aramco Chemical Company Elaf Basri HR Manager
Aramco Entrepreneurship Center Hamad Al-Shaiban Head of HR
AGOC, Aramco Gulf Operations Ltd Tawfiq H. Atiq HR Executive Director for HR & Industrial Srv.
Fadhili Plant Cogeneration Kamal Dihan HR Manager
Aramco Power Ramzi BuGubaia HR Head
ARO Drilling Ameera Al Belushi HR Manager
Aramco Trading Company (ATC) Faris Almuhawis HR Manager
Dhahran Techno Valley (DTVC) Abdulrahman Abu Naya HR Manager
International Maritime Industries Esam AlRuwaili VP HR
ITQAN Jameel Abdullah Managing Director
JASARA Ghada Al-Sousy HR Head
JHAH Moutaz Mashhour HR Chief
KAPSARC, King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center Dr. Mansour Al-Mansour VP Operations & Services
UST, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology Patricia Hughes VP Human Resources
King Salman Energy Park Naseem A. Ahmadi HR Coordinator
LRM (Land Rig Manufacturing) Faisal Nassar Talent Acquisition FAISAL.NASSAR@ARAMCO.COM
Luberef Ahmed Yamani HR Manager
Marafiq Homoud S. Al-Zamel HR Manager
NITI Waleed Al-Khudhair Managing Director
PCPC, Power Co-Generation Plant Company Khalid Alznide HR Manager
Petro Rabigh Hesham H Azzouz IR VP
SADA Mutlaq A. Al-Subaey Managing Director
SADARA Farhan Qahtani IR VP
SAMREF Mohammad Al-Moghrabi HR GM
SANAD Maissara Ashmawy HR Manager
Saudi Aramco RetailCo Ibrahim AlYahya HR Head
SASREF Ashraf Al-Nezawi HR GM
SATORP Ahmed Sharif HR Manager
SPSP, Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic Fahad Al-Ibrahim HR Manager
Tas-helat Waleed Othman HR Chief Head
Wisayah Alkhaleej Investment Company Ibrahim Qahtani HR Manager
YASREF Abdulrahman M. AlMesned IR VP Abdulrahman.Mesned@YASREF.COM

Useful links

National technical and vocational training providers
National Industrial Training Institute (NITI)
NITI is a nonprofit training institute that offers industrial training mainly to high school graduates to qualify them to work in the oil & gas, petrochemical, energy or construction industries.
Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic (SPSP) SPSP is a technical training center that aims to graduate quality technical Saudi’s for the petroleum service sector. They are located in Dammam and Khafji.
Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) -ِArabic TVTC is a governmental agency responsible for vocational education and training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. TVTC provides vocational and technical training for Saudi men and women, based on international occupational standards, to meet the needs of the labor market.


HR Joint Venture Support Division services

  • Talent Acquisition covers staffing and recruiting, workforce planning, on-boarding new hires and internal mobility.
  • Talent Development covers leadership development, professional development, on-job training, industrial certifications, and career planning.
  • Talent Retention covers policy, rewards, HR services, HR information systems, retention management, communication, and employee engagement.
  • Organization Effectiveness covers performance management, organizational consulting, benchmarking, research & assessment, change management, and cultural transformation.

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