Human Resources Joint Venture Support Division

The local and global expansion of Saudi Aramco through the creation of more business partners translates into an increase in Human Resources (HR) support for these new partners.

The essential role of the Human Resources Joint Venture Support Divison (HRJVSD) is to support Saudi Aramco joint ventures, subsidiaries and affiliates through their journey from startups to fully operational and sustainable entities. Their success will be determined by how they can attract, develop, engage and retain a competent workforce through an effective HR strategy.

The HRJVSD team will provide HR support that makes a difference.

“Our downstream strategy and its chemicals-focused components will enable progress toward multiple objectives, including strengthening the future position of oil and adding greater economic value. In addition to diversifying our business portfolio, it will also make Saudi Aramco more robust and resilient, and deliver results regardless of market volatility.”

Remarks by Amin H. Nasser, Saudi Aramco President & CEO, 13th Annual Gulf Petrochemicals & Chemicals Association Forum 2018, DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, November 28, 2018

Creating People Advantage

The HRJVSD team creates people advantage by understanding business drivers and providing innovative workable HR solutions to its clients. The team consists of the Saudi Aramco HR community’s experienced consultants, advisers, outside partners and networks.

Collaboration for Success

It is a key objective of the HRJVSD team to bring together HR resources and knowledge from our joint ventures, subsidiaries and affiliates to develop a HR learning community that shares successes, knowledge and lessons learned.

Bringing Knowledge

The HRJVSD team has global HR experience in various industries. It provides advice and solutions that are practical and cost-efficient with an operational focus on achievable outcomes.

"We are all expected to make a significant contribution to our shareholders and value our mission to stay aligned with the strategic goals and deliver the highest value our corporate business. We are required to be able to translate our business vision into practical and rewarding HR strategy."

Muhammad S. Al Abdallah, HRJVSD Director