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Aramco Aston Martin F1 car

The Aramco and Aston Martin Racing strategic partnership

The 2022 Formula 1® season launches a dynamic new collaboration in motor-sports as Aramco becomes a strategic partner of Aston Martin Racing (AMR).

As global sponsors of Formula 1®, the sporting league adored by more than 1.56 billion people worldwide, we’ve been able to showcase our drive to push boundaries in fuel performance, and our commitment to produce better, cleaner and future-focused transport technology.

Solutions geared not just towards sporting success but capable of tackling global environmental challenges.

Now we are taking the next leap forward, integrating our resources and research with that of the innovative and ambitious Aston Martin Formula One™ Racing Team to take our technologies from the testing lab, out on to the track.

Huge changes are on the way in Formula 1®

The aim — to produce cars powered entirely by sustainable fuels by 2026 and achieve net zero as a sport by 2030.

Aramco is constantly developing technologies in advanced motor and vehicle technology and we are combining our skill and experience with the talented people at AMR to create cutting-edge advancements to meet this technological challenge.

Our coordinated R&D efforts on fuel-engine technology and non-metallic materials performance, will aim to improve engine performance and reduce emissions — contributing to a lower- carbon footprint in the sport, whilst enhancing safety and efficiency.

Our coordinated R&D efforts will aim to reduce engine emissions and pollutants

“The partnership reflects Aramco’s efforts to reduce emissions in the global automotive and transport industries. Our ambition is to supply premium fuels and lubricants to the global automotive sector, and our tie-up with the Aston Martin team will help drive awareness of our high-quality products. It is an alliance that harnesses our shared commitment to engineering excellence and innovation, and has the potential to deliver winning results both on and off the track.”

Mohammed Al Qahtani, Downstream President at Aramco.

This long-term strategic partnership merges advanced research and development programs in next-generation transport technologies, launches a commercial partnership focused on fuels and lubricants, and forms the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula 1 Team.

Our engineers and chemists will focus on the production of ultra-efficient hybrid internal combustion engines and advanced fuels, including low carbon synthetic or E-Fuels, for deployment in motorsport.

Development of this new engine will be a first for AMR. And this multi-year deal reflects our commitment to the vision, determination and capabilities of the Aston Martin Racing leadership to drive continued progress, success and results in Formula 1®.

“We are very excited to collaborate with such a renowned name in the automotive industry to advance motorsports technology. With our combined expertise we have the potential to improve engine performance and reduce emissions, helping lower the carbon footprint of the sport and, eventually, the automotive industry.”

Ahmad Al Khowaiter, Executive Vice President Technology and Innovation at Aramco

The partnership extends well beyond racing, with an ongoing commitment to advance sustainable transport technologies and drive innovation in the global automotive and transport industries.

So, two pioneering brands, an ambitious young racing team and engineers pushing the boundaries of technical possibility.

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