Our response to COVID-19

People are our priority. We are securing the health and safety of our workforce and communities and ensuring the continuity of an energy supply upon which the world relies.

As the world faces an unprecedented health crisis, we stand with our people. This means our employees, who work tirelessly to bring energy to the world. It means our communities, the neighbors and the families who support us. And it means the global community – for whom energy is an essential and integral part of their lives.

To our employees – from oil rig to office space – we thank you. We understand that this is a challenging time, and know that the work you are doing ensures our operations continue as normal. We are proud to call you all Aramcons.

To our people all around the world, we are ready, and we are responsive. We are in this together.


A message from our President & CEO

As we continue to deal with the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, I would like to highlight the incredible efforts of our colleagues here in-Kingdom and around the world to ensure that we get through these testing times, together.

Amin H. Nasser, President & CEO
Disclaimer:  For informational purposes only. Please consult your medical provider or authority for advice.

Latest news and announcements

Chapter 1

Personal safety isn’t just personal. It’s a commitment to help protect ourselves, our families, and our communities. In the current COVID-19 situation, our behavior is paramount to control its spread, and the most important tool we have is awareness.

We can all help fight the spread of COVID-19 by adhering to proper hygiene practices, such as regularly washing our hands, sanitizing our surroundings, and avoiding touching surfaces in public places. Social distancing can similarly help reduce the rate of spreading COVID-19, as can wearing a facemask. Click here for safety precautions – print it and place it somewhere prominent as a reminder. Click here for guidance on how to wear a facemask.

Health and wellbeing

Chapter 2

When you think about it, prevention is the easy part.

What can be challenging is keeping your spirits up, adapting to new work and home situations, and handling isolation.

We’ve compiled an extensive list of best-in-class resources in five categories. Read on, get inspired, and explore ways to engage your body, mind, and spirit.

You can also reach the JHAH Emotional Help Line at (013) 870 – 1919 or click here to visit the JHAH Useful Resources.

Helpful links

Chapter 3

About our response

Chapter 4

The world depends on us, and we are committed to delivering – for our people, our communities and our global customers. This page is a single point of reliable information and guidance for Aramco employees, so that we can overcome the COVID-19 challenge together.

Our people

Our 70,000 men and women work tirelessly to bring energy to the world. Our people are our most valuable resource, and we are committed to protecting their safety.

We are instituting measures to minimize the spread of the virus, limiting exposure to potential at-risk individuals, cancelling events, and taking meetings and training programs  online.  Our dedicated teams are disinfecting public and office spaces, setting up additional hand sanitizer stations, and putting up educational posters throughout our facilities. We're also educating our employees on the risks and precautionary measures they can take to protect themselves, offering regular advice, guidance and a dedicated advice hotline.

Our communities

We are more than just a company; we are a community. A community that includes families, neighbors and friends.

To ensure their wellbeing we are closing our schools, recreational facilities, restaurants, playgrounds and other non-essential locations. Our people are communicating the most up-to-date health and prevention advice, and providing guidance on how to home-quarantine safely. But we also know life must go on, and are giving regular updates about available services, such as buses, commissaries and pharmacies. Our employees are instrumental in driving this continuity, ensuring facilities are sanitized, groceries are stocked, and driving our workforce to their destinations.

Our operations

Despite the present global challenge of COVID-19, we remain committed to the reliable production and supply of energy – the cornerstone of our company and our promise to our customers.

We already have inbuilt systems for managing global crises, and have never missed a shipment for operational reasons. Those same systems are in place now, so that we can continue to deliver to the world. We have increased preventative measures across our facilities to ensure they are protected from contamination, and are continually sterilizing workspaces and instituting health checks across our teams. Our dedicated employees are keeping the energy supply flowing; to the markets, the manufacturers, and the municipalities. The continuity of daily life has never been more important.

For up-to the-minute updates on COVID-19 around the world, please visit the Ministry of Health website