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Harnessing the energy of our youth



At Saudi Aramco facilities around the Kingdom, thousands of talented young employees are making an impact on the company, taking on crucial projects and positions of great responsibility. With a large percentage of the current workforce now young employees, this influx of boundless energy and fresh perspectives have presented the company with an incredible opportunity.

How can Saudi Aramco ensure that its employees have the technical and professional skills they need to do the job effectively and efficiently?

One of the answers is the Knowledge Transfer (KT) program, an initiative from Saudi Aramco’s Training and Development organization. Launched in 2009, the KT program matches talented young employees with more experienced staffers, some of them with decades of valuable experience.

Originally targeting staffers in technical operations, the KT program now has a vision of developing a companywide system for facilitating learning across all departments — both in technical operations and in professional offices.

Today, KT is part of Saudi Aramco’s corporate culture, and those who participate in the program — both mentors and mentees — say that they can see immediate benefits, not only for the company, but also personally. The spirit of KT can now be found throughout the company.  

A win-win

Participants in the KT program describe it as a win-win for their organization and for their people. KT gives young employees the competencies and confidence to do their jobs well. It also gives experienced employees the satisfaction of seeing that their hard-earned knowledge will remain with the company where they have spent years, and even decades, of their career. And for Saudi Aramco, it’s a key program for making sure that Saudi Aramco maintains its position as the world’s most reliable supplier of energy, even as it supports the Kingdom’s aspirations to diversify its economy and to become a hub of innovation and investment. 

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