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Creating and sustaining an innovation culture


What do you get when you put an inventor, industrial design specialist, patent attorney, commercialization and licensing specialist, and entrepreneurial specialist together in one room for three days? The answer is the ultimate mentorship accelerator for taking great ideas to market.

Add 30 engaged, empowered and energized participants to the mix, and you have the ultimate group to navigate a robust innovation ecosystem. The outcome is an Innovation Professional Certification, with the next cohort planned for August. To date, this certification has resulted in a total of nine startup companies.

In the latest certification workshop, participants were placed in three startup companies and awarded a mock seed fund of $100,000, and then asked to worked their way through the eight sectors of the Saudi Aramco innovation ecosystem.

An eye on the future

Never before has it been more critical to create a learning mindset culture with an entrepreneurial flair to meet the challenges facing Saudi Aramco and the Kingdom. Saudi Aramco implemented its 2020 Strategic Intent to align the foundations to become a fully integrated, global energy enterprise.

Saudi Aramco’s growth aspirations are taking place within the larger context of Vision 2030, which seeks to reinforce and diversify the country’s economy. These ambitious game changers compel us to challenge our ability to innovate, become agile and embrace change. Creating and sustaining a robust, innovative, and forward-thinking culture will ensure a highly engaged, energized and productive workforce that will successfully navigate the company’s and Kingdom’s future aspirations.

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