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Launching new application for improved reservoir management


Speaking at the official launch of the Reservoir Engineering Integrated Environment, Sami A. Al-Neaim, manager of Aramco’s Petroleum Engineering Application Services Department (PEASD) encourages attendees to capitalize on the new platform to gain more efficiency and better manage the company's wells, reservoirs and fields.


Developing and managing reservoirs is a complex and challenging process. A new tool, named Reservoir Engineering Integrated Environment (REOnline), helps engineers to better plan, develop and manage the company’s fields and reservoirs.

“Saudi Aramco has always been at the forefront of development and deployment of state-of-the-art technologies,” said Sami A. Al-Neaim, manager of the company’s Petroleum Engineering Application Services Department (PEASD), at the official launch of REOnline.

The single platform, developed over a period of two years, provides smart analytics and advanced tracking capabilities to identify business improvement opportunities, maximize recovery, and ultimately reduce the overall development costs of wells and reservoirs.

Al-Neaim encouraged attendees to capitalize on this new platform to gain more efficiency and better manage Saudi Aramco wells, reservoirs, and fields. He considers REOnline to be a potential paradigm shift in the way our customers will do their business,” he said. “We truly hope they embrace this new platform and become a part of its continuous evolution and improvement.”

Smart analytics and advanced tracking

REOnline capitalizes on the power of integration to help optimize the portfolio of applications by eliminating redundancy and fragmented data and solutions. Moreover, one of the strongest features of REOnline is in its analytical pillar. REOnline leverages advanced analytical capabilities that help engineers digest more data and gain further insight to make the best business decisions. Some of these technologies include visualization, predictive analytics, big data, and data mining.

At the launch event a live demonstration was conducted to highlight how REOnline can create and customize individual profiles and dashboards, perform advanced searches for wells with certain behaviors (such as high water-cut or gas oil ratio), perform analysis on GIS maps (such animated bubble maps, interactive IPR calculation, and plotting isobaric reservoir pressure maps), create alerts by capitalizing on smart agents, and track delivery of any well while identifying bottlenecks at any well delivery stage.

Aramco plans to extend the capabilities of REOnline further to integrate additional reservoir engineering processes and expand on the visualization and business intelligence capabilities. This is in addition to providing more advanced analytical solutions, such as water breakthrough detection, injection efficiency, decline curve analysis, and stimulation candidate identification.

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