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Young Saudis bring Zuluf GOSP-3 back online



Working day and night, a group of diligent employees in the deep waters of the Arabian Gulf recently, and successfully, demothballed the Zuluf Gas-Oil Separation Plant 3 (GOSP-3) after several months of hard work on the plant’s platforms.

⦁ Built in 1983
⦁ Closed in 1995
⦁ Demothballed in May 2017 after six months of continuous work
⦁ The team comprised 48 employees — 24 operators, 20 maintenance technicians, and four engineers
⦁ The residential platform consists of five stories, two for housing and three for support services
⦁ The area of each story is approximately 750 m2
⦁ The housing accommodates 100 employees
⦁ The capacity of the plant is 250,000 barrels of oil and 100 MMscf of gas.

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