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MSU Aramco Research Center Groundbreaking Ceremony

Speech|MOSCOW, Russia|

Esteemed Rector Victor Sadovnichy, Vice Rectors, faculty and staff of Lomonosov Moscow State University, dobroye utro and a very good morning to you.

I am delighted to be back in Moscow, this time to mark the formal beginning of our strategic research collaboration with the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Therefore, today is a milestone moment for Saudi Aramco, for the energy industry and also for our two global energy-power nations.

For Saudi Aramco, the Master Research Agreement with MSU is a further extension of our partnership with world-class institutions.

MSU is globally renowned for its centuries-old tradition of excellence and highly recognized for its importance to the oil and gas industry.

Only a few moments ago, I had the privilege and honor of breaking new ground for the Aramco Research Center at Moscow State University Science Park.

When this Center opens next year, it will be the ninth Saudi Aramco research facility located outside of Saudi Arabia.

We have established research centers in South Korea, France, the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and now here in Russia.

We believe that the key to our industry’s sustainable future is to build strong partnerships for the long term.

Indeed, this is a continuation of Saudi Aramco’s efforts to become a leader in energy-related technology creation and innovation.

Advanced technology is now at the very core of almost everything we do.

It is central to identifying and developing new ways to increase discovery and recovery, to protecting the environment and at the same time also unlocking new value-adding non-combustible uses for oil.

For the energy sector as a whole, our partnership represents one more milestone in the strategic collaboration between some of the world’s brightest minds and the world’s most vital industry.

Indeed, no other industry is as critical as the oil and gas industry to the global economy and more importantly to meet the aspirations of billions of people for better standards of living.

The urgent challenge we face as an industry is to find ways to meet the growing demand for more energy – particularly in the developing world – while also significantly reducing emissions.

That is why Saudi Aramco is particularly pleased to be able to work with MSU, which has deep roots, a long history and unrivalled strength in science and technology capabilities.

MSU also has a strong reputation in its incredible ability to meet overwhelming challenges and we look forward to tapping into the reservoir of highly talented and highly resilient individuals from the University.

Indeed, I want to thank Rector Sadovnichy, the Vice Rectors and all the staff for their support in helping us move forward in establishing the Aramco Research Center.

Finally, for our two nations, it is an important milestone in a partnership built on a common interest – namely, the desire to ensure a sustainable future for the use of oil and gas. 

Our two nations are energy power-houses, individually possessing significant reserves of oil and gas and collectively we can achieve much more together.

That is why I firmly believe our collaboration underpinned by the Aramco Research Center at the MSU Science Park will help us to achieve our long-term strategic objectives to utilize our precious resources responsibly and efficiently.

In closing, let me add that I am looking forward with anticipation of the future, where great minds from Aramco and MSU will come together to solve the world’s energy challenges.

I am looking forward to inaugurating the Aramco Research Center. It won’t just be a modern building with cutting-edge equipment but a center of true excellence. A place where theories will be turned into practical applications, where ideas will become value-adding innovations, where amazing breakthroughs will most certainly happen.

And a place where Russia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia come together to shape the future of the world’s oil and gas landscape.

Spasiba and thank you for listening.

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