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CEO remarks at the 2nd Qingdao Multinational Summit Opening Ceremony

Amin H. Nasser, President & Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Aramco


Your Excellencies, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, wǎn shàng hǎo and good evening.

I would like to thank the Ministry of Commerce and Shandong Province for the opportunity to speak at this Summit.


Special Bonds

 Saudi Aramco already enjoys special bonds with China and its leading energy companies.

Our safe and reliable supply of energy over many decades has been an important factor in the incredible transformation of China’s economy.

Indeed, the rapidly growing importance of this Summit is another reminder of the scale and pace of progress.

So we share your pride in China’s first centennial goal being met on July 1 and celebrated widely.

And we are well-placed to help with your second centennial goal as well.

Shared Strategic Priorities

 In fact, we share many other strategic priorities.

Our commitment to China’s continued energy security and economic development is stronger than ever.

We want to add value in China with Chinese companies.

And balancing economic goals with environmental goals is a priority the world shares.

Practical Solutions

In addition, with SABIC now part of Aramco’s global enterprise, we have the strategy, scale, and expanding mix of new and existing products to deliver the practical solutions China needs.

Not just for the next five years or the next 50, but far beyond.

Backed by the technology, global talent, and commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability we are known for.

Win-Win Opportunities

In turn, we see a special bond rapidly developing with Shandong across a range of substantial win-win opportunities.

Shandong’s strength as a major energy and chemicals hub aligns perfectly with our strategy of playing a bigger role in China’s growth.

Your efforts to create a low carbon downstream sector are impressive – for example in the Shandong Yulong Integrated Petrochemicals Project.

We want to work with you on producing cleaner fuels, deploying technologies that will reduce or eliminate emissions.

And chemicals products, leveraging our cutting-edge direct crude-to-chemicals conversion technology.

At the same time we are pursuing new sources of energy such as blue hydrogen.

Aramco’s Research Center in Beijing and SABIC’s Technology Center in Shanghai will support these efforts, as well as deepening collaboration with China’s top universities and companies.


Ladies and Gentlemen, shared priorities, ever-cleaner energy and chemicals products, and special bonds and partnerships.

This powerful combination will enable sustained and common prosperity in both China and Shandong Province in the decades ahead.

And we look forward to playing our part.  

Thank you and xiè xie.

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