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Safety equipment at Aramco Europe London office

Waste management

Effective waste management is an integral part of our operations.

Aramco follows a CE approach to the waste we generate.

Waste is classified into three types, and waste management options are ranked by their environmental impact, with highest priority going to waste prevention, followed by reuse, recycling, recovery and, lastly, disposal. Today, our enhanced waste management initiative covers all aspects of waste management related to waste generator, waste transporter, waste receiver and waste management technologies, compliance, facility performance, current practices by waste generators, waste data, and monitoring.

We conduct regular waste management training programs for our professionals, and continue to spread the benefits of our waste management approach throughout the Kingdom, including via recycling awareness programs in our local communities, offices, schools, universities, and municipalities.

Innovative industrial recycling

Eliminating waste by carefully managing the use of resources is a hallmark of the circular economy (CE). Rather than the modern habit of using a resource only once in many developed societies, a circular economy values the reuse of that same resource.

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Protecting natural resources

For us this means pushing the frontiers of knowledge and the boundaries of technology, to deliver creative and innovative engineering solutions that enhance our productivity and efficiency, while minimizing the environmental impact of our operations.