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Special requirements

Now that you have gathered all the documents for Basic Requirements, it’s time to tell us more about your special needs and the needs of your customers. Please look through the following list and fill out forms for each of the Aramco products you would like to distribute. 

Gas stations

Special Requirements for Gas Stations 

  • Municipality permit and Civil Defense certificate for added gas stations. 
  • Note: For newly built gas stations, the customer shall submit a valid Municipality permit and Civil Defense certificate.
  • For gas stations within the Royal Commission areas, Royal Commission operation licenses are required.
  • A letter from Amara for gas stations in areas where there is no branch for Civil Defense and/or Municipality.
  • An official government letter for gas stations located inside Government and semi-Government fences indicating their compliance with safety requirements.
  • A lease contract between the owner of the gas station and the person or entity operating the gas station. The contract validity date shall be after the date of issue for the Municipality permit and Civil Defense certificate.

Agriculture & Livestock

Special Requirements for Agriculture & Livestock

  • Agricultural project certificates (if applicable).
  • Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture Diesel consumption form (Agriculture Certificate).
  • Agriculture Registration (farms only).


Special Requirements for Factories

  • Ministry of Energy, Industry and Minerals permit.
  • Civil Defense certificate or equivalent as applicable.
  • Allocation letter if applicable.

Crackers & Mining

Special Requirements for Crackers & Mining

  • Ministry of Energy, Industry and Minerals permit.
  • Allocation letter (if applicable).

Construction Projects

Special Requirements for Construction Projects

  • Copy of the project contract.
  • Notice-to-proceed with the work.
  • Project start and end date with the required quantities for each project.
  • List of project equipment and vehicles.


Special Requirements for Distributers

  • Transportation permit from the Ministry of Transport (MOT).
  • List of facilities and sub-customers (existing or to be added) with their previous supplier (if any) with their products, quantities and locations as per the Sub-Customer Data form.
  • Sub-customer ID card.
  • Contract between the distributor and sub-customer specifying the type and quantity of products (signed and stamped by both parties). The contract shall not be older than 2 years.
  • Sub-customer documents (refer to each sector requirements).
  • Pledge letter listing and confirming that all old sub-customers included in the agreement are existing and supplied with the product by the customer and their documents must be maintained as valid at all times under the customer’s responsibility.

Asphalt Projects

Special Requirements for Asphalt Projects

  • MOT projects list sent by the Ministry of Transportation Construction & Maintenance, and updated letters from the MOT.
  • For MOMRA and other proponents, a copy of the projects contract is required with a copy of the notice to proceed, the quantities table stamped from the proponent of project, and the time table stamped from the proponent of the project.
  • For utility projects, a list of project names along with the quantity of each project and asphalting period shall be specified.
  • For new customers, a minimum quantity shall be 300 MT per month in total.
  • The project asphalting period shall be a minimum 6 months for new customers.
  • For commercial, sub-contracts and private projects, the contracts shall be stamped by the appropriate Chamber of Commerce.

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