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Drilling and Workover

Aramco Drilling & Workover’s mission is to safely drill and workover high-quality, cost-effective oil and gas wells in a timely manner, in order to meet key corporate objectives.

Drilling & Workover requires a wide range of services to support its mission. Opportunities for contractors with Drilling & Workover include:

  1. Rigs – Onshore & Offshore, Oil & Gas, Drilling & Workover, Water Well Drilling
  2. Directional Drilling and Logging Services
  3. Cementing Services
  4. Coiled Tubing & Nitrogen Services
  5. Slickline Services
  6. Rental of Downhole Equipment/Tools
  7. Tubing and Casing Running Services
  8. Well Testing Services (Surface & Downhole)
  9. Mud Engineering and Mud Plants Services
  10. Stimulation Services
  11. Snubbing Services

To learn more about qualification criteria for supplying these services, and many others not listed, please click here to contact us directly.

Contracting opportunities

We’re developing a world-class supply chain that’s locally accessible, reliable, and innovative.

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