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The Aramco and Aston Martin Racing strategic partnership


Aramco and the Aston Martin Formula One™ Team join forces to take on Formula 1 ®

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A deep dive into Aramco's ocean data

Aramco has been gathering oceanic data for many years. Thanks to digitization, this data is now used to better understand and conserve our marine ecosystems.

How 70-year-old Abqaiq Plants transformed to become a 4IR leader

As part of our efforts to become the world’s leading digitalized energy company, Aramco renovated and refurbished our oldest oil processing plant, transforming it into a world leader in the use of Fourth Industrial Revolution technology.

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Key documents

November 07, 2023

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June 15, 2023

March 13, 2023

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90 years

of experience

338.43 billion

we manage the Kingdom's proved reserves of 338.43 billion barrels of oil equivalent

70,000 +

total workforce