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Supporting everyday activities with reliable access to energy

Aramco is a leading energy and chemicals company with oil and gas production as its primary business.

We believe that people everywhere deserve opportunities to improve their lives. A reliable energy supply is essential for industries, businesses, and individual citizens to thrive. From factory production-line managers to food vendors to families at home, accessible energy on demand supports the needs of everyday life.
So how do we meet the demands of today’s dynamic energy landscape? How do we help engineer a brighter future for all?

The answer lies in the exceptional reliability and responsiveness of our Oil Supply Planning and Scheduling system (OSPAS). It ensures that every part of our supply network works seamlessly 24/7, and is why Aramco has never missed a shipment to a customer for operational reasons in over 90 years.
Helping us provide consistent access to energy for everyone we serve.

We optimize our supply chain…

OSPAS is the result of many years’ collaboration between our in-house experts and technology partners. It spans our entire oil, gas and NGL networks, refining and distribution system, through to our terminal network, providing extreme agility in the face of demand fluctuations and evolving market conditions.

… to help keep shelves stocked

The reliable delivery of energy is essential to meeting everyday demand. Through OSPAS, real-time visibility of each part of our supply chain enables us to maximize yield, manage field operations, and schedule deliveries.

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Powering ahead

From wellhead to streetlamp

We manage a broad portfolio of energy operations and products, spread over a large region. This includes the capacity to produce some 12 million barrels of oil per day. Ensuring that everything works with minimal disruption is an incredibly complex planning and scheduling challenge.

Through OSPAS, we can effectively support the steady supply of energy to industries, businesses and homes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, making OSPAS a key enabler of national progress. Our efficient and reliable supply operations also play a vital role in maintaining global energy security.

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Data that delivers

Data is the lifeblood of OSPAS. Over 60,000 cutting-edge terminal units collect measurements in real-time from our facilities, and then relay the data down high-speed communication lines into our servers. From there it is transferred to our operational center so that engineers can instantly see critical aspects of our company’s output on a 67 meter-long digital screen.

The scale and complexity of this data is enormous, with 95% of it automated, covering everything from temperature and pressure readings, through to flow rates in pipelines and the operating performance of all of our facilities.

From our control room, through complex supply chains, OSPAS supports everyday activities across the Kingdom.

Key facts


Terminal units


Gas-oil separation plants




Distribution centers


Shipping terminals and loading berths


Electric power distribution pipelines

Understanding energy security

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Ensuring reliable energy

Every day, billions of people around the world depend on the reliable supply of energy. How can we ensure they get what they need to keep the lights on – and keep their businesses running and economies moving?

The people and processes at the heart of OSPAS are a major reason Aramco can deliver on our more than 99% reliability rating. Our team continually monitors the levels of demand in both local and global markets, and then sets comprehensive supply plans to inform the production targets at each facility. Production is optimized to ensure that we continue delivering efficiently to our customers.

OSPAS develops and implements both short- and long-term contingency plans. In the short-term, our team of engineers and experts rapidly respond to any kind of eventuality or emergency. If our team spots an anomaly in a facility, they can act instantly to ensure there’s minimal disruption to operations or supply.

When it comes to planning for the future, they analyze the supply-demand balance across oil, gas and refined products to develop advanced models, and deliver long-term recommendations for the next two decades of production.

Our people’s expertise is supported by a wide range of opportunities at Aramco that help unlock their full potential, enabling them to master the ever-evolving skills that will shape tomorrow’s great achievements.

Limitless potential

We are continually investigating and investing in new technologies to augment the accuracy and efficiency of OSPAS. These include machine learning, advanced analytics, and AI to build predictive models that can better forecast demand for our products years into the future.

There is also potential to expand OSPAS beyond its current scope, integrating with our downstream partners to deliver oversight and visibility into the entire hydrocarbon supply chain.

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