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We offer a highly-competitive compensation package for our Saudi employees.

We offer a highly-competitive compensation package for our Saudi employees.

Base salary

This is your fixed base salary paid on a monthly or hourly basis. It does not include any extra allowances or compensation related to your job or work location.

The base salary is based on an industry standard. We regularly participate in salary surveys to ensure our salary structures are competitive with other leading oil, gas and petrochemical companies.

Housing allowance

We offer a housing allowance to eligible Saudi Riyal employees in lieu of providing company housing. This allowance is accrued and earned for each completed month on the payroll from July 1 to June 30. It is equal to three months’ base salary with minimum of 30,000SR, a portion of which is earned each month you are employed throughout the year. The allowance is normally paid in December.

Saudi Aramco Incentive Plan (SAIP)

This is a company-wide variable pay plan for employees, with individual incentive payouts varying based on a combination of corporate and individual performance.

Ramadan Bonus

The Ramadan bonus payment is equivalent to one month’s base salary and is paid annually during the holy month of Ramadan.

Settling in allowance

A one-time settling in allowance is offered to assist newly hired employees with the unexpected expenses of relocating for work. Single employees receive 60% of one month base salary, married employees get one month base salary.

Other types of compensation

In addition to the compensation components described above, an employee's annual compensation may also include:

Specified location allowance: We operate in various locations throughout Saudi Arabia. If you’re assigned to work at a remote location, you’ll receive an allowance that will be paid on a monthly basis.

Overtime/shift premium: If you’re assigned to a location or function that requires scheduled overtime or non-standard work hours, additional compensation will be paid on a monthly basis.

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