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Our attractive investor proposition delivers value through cycles.

Investor proposition slide – Q1 2024 Earnings Call

At Aramco we invest in growth and innovate for greater sustainability, unlocking new and untapped opportunities.  

All of which has helped us attain and maintain our position as one of the world’s highest-earning companies since our initial public offering in 2019.

Reasons to invest with us

From our unparalleled operational scale, to our full control of our closely-integrated Upstream assets, we have a wide range of competitive advantages that set us apart.

“We continue to deliver on our strategy by growing our existing core business as well as expanding into new geographies and working to develop new businesses such as carbon capture and storage, synthetic fuels, blue hydrogen technologies, renewables, and offsets.”

Amin H. Nasser, Aramco President & CEO

Our sustained competitive advantages

These include:

  • Favorable geology
  • Economies of scale
  • Sole upstream control
  • Long-term focus
  • Deployment of technology
  • Flexibility from spare capacity

Aramco continues to demonstrate our strong operational flexibility and supply reliability by delivering crude and other products in a timely manner.


Delivery obligations fulfilled within 24 hrs



Low-cost operations

Our low lifting costs and capital expenditures per barrel of oil equivalent producedstems from the unique nature of the Kingdom’s geological formations, the location of our reservoirs in favorable onshore and offshore environments, and our access to a large infrastructure and logistics network, all enhanced by the scaled application of technology2.

Strategy in action

Our ever-improving Downstream integration — with a focus on a balanced product mix of fuels and chemicals, and the growing and long-term placement of Aramco’s crude oil in our Downstream operations — allows us to expand our sources of earnings, and provide resilience against oil price volatility.

Leadership in technology

Aramco is currently the only (as of 2024) international energy company to be represented by more than two facilities in the World Economic Forum’s Global Lighthouse Network; in recognition of our use of cutting-edge technologies deployed to deliver a range of operational and environmental benefits. 

Sustainable growth

We are focused on capturing growth opportunities in our existing value chains, and through the development of our New Energies business lines.

World-scale refining system

Aramco has a dedicated system of domestic and international, wholly-owned and affiliated refineries. These, along with our petrochemcial complexes, form a growing global network that enables us to capture additional value.

Lower-carbon initiatives

Aramco aims to lower the net carbon emissions of our operations and support the global Energy Transition through development of a New Energies business. This includes renewable power generation and new lower-carbon products and solutions.

Large-scale decarbonization

Part of being a sustainable business in 2024 requires the adoption and implementation of a clear emissions reduction strategy. This is why Aramco have stated our ambition to attain Net-zero Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions across our wholly-owned operated assets by 2050.

Supply chain resilience

Increasing the localization of our supply chain


2025 target for local content

Financial strengths

Our world-leading net income and cash flows


Delivering on our significant and accretive investment program

Our robust balance sheet and high investment-grade credit rating5

The application of consistent fiscal discipline with clear cash flow allocation priorities


Well-positioned for the Energy Transition

We believe Aramco is well-positioned to actively participate in addressing the world’s growing need for affordable and reliable energy6

We are providing continued investment to help meet this future market demand.

Our corporate strategy supports energy security and affordability, and promotes sustainable practices in support of an orderly and balanced Energy Transition.

Our enhanced distributions

We offer a progressive and sustainable base dividend and performance-linked dividend to share upside.7

The price of shares and the income derived from them can go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. Investors should be aware that past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. An investment in Saudi Aramco shares may not be suitable for all investors. You should take independent financial advice before making any investment decision.


1. ‘Low-cost’ refers to our low lifting cost and capital expenditures per barrel of oil equivalent produced, based on our 2023 reported figures
2.  Refers to Aramco’s Digital Transformation program – learn more about it here
3.  Refers to Aramco’s wholly-owned refineries as of the end of 2023
4. ‘Global equity refining capacity’ is calculated by multiplying the gross refining capacity of each refinery in which Aramco has an interest by its percentage equity ownership
5.  Assessed on standalone-basis by Moody’s and Fitch
6. Based on IEA World Energy Outlook 2022: Total primary energy demand in IEA NZE Scenario - outlook-for-energy-demand
 Dividends are subject to the Board’s discretion and declared in accordance with the dividend distribution policy
8. Anticipated total dividends in 2024. Exact amounts and eligibility dates for the remaining dividends to be declared in 2024 will be announced, if and when declared at the Board’s sole discretion, after considering the Company’s financial position and ability to fund commitments including growth capital plans, in accordance with the Company’s dividend distribution policy
9. Dividends declared and to be paid in May 2024
10. Indicative figures based on anticipated base dividend and PLD to be declared in 2024. The dividend amounts for remaining quarters of 2024 have not been declared and are subject to the discretion of the Board