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Our Digital Transformation program enables us to utilize the latest breakthroughs in digital technology.

Our Digital Transformation program enables us to utilize the latest breakthroughs in digital technology so we can deliver tomorrow’s energy more safely, efficiently, and sustainably. Key to our vision is how we foster digital innovation, partner with leading technology companies and research institutions, and invest in the digital skills of our own workforce. Our aim is to be the world’s leading digitalized energy company. 

What is digitalization?

Technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) are reshaping the global economy, including energy. By employing a variety of cutting-edge technologies — from artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data and analytics, to unmanned vehicles (UVs), blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) — businesses can benefit from data-led insights, respond in real-time to new challenges, and boost efficiency and productivity. Together, these 4IR technologies are transforming the world of work.

Digitalization and the future of energy

For over a century, oil and gas has played a vital role in the economic transformation of the world, but the industry is on the cusp of a new era. Digital transformation can deliver increased operational efficiency and workplace safety, as well as minimize the carbon footprint of the industry.

What are we doing?

We want to be the leading digitalized energy company. We're deploying digitalization solutions that meet the world’s energy needs while minimizing the carbon footprint of our activities; reducing CO₂ emissions, enhancing fuel efficiency, conserving water, and creating next-generation materials that make consumer products lighter and stronger.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) Center

We are achieving this through our dedicated digital innovation centers, which all play a significant role in our Digital Transformation. From supporting the development of new digital technologies, to providing the environment and resources necessary for innovators and entrepreneurs to develop new digital solutions, our digital innovation centers are bringing forward digital technology capabilities and helping us to realize our digitalization ambitions.


Leaders in digital technology

Four of our facilities have so far been recognized by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as “Manufacturing Lighthouses” for their large-scale use of 4IR solutions. Our ‘Uthmaniyah Gas Plant, one of the world’s largest gas processing plants, uses AI solutions to increase productivity while enhancing the reliability of its facilities. The use of drones and wearable technologies at the plant, to inspect pipelines and machinery, has helped cut inspection times by 90%.

At our Khurais oil field, we utilize thousands of IoT sensors to monitor and forecast oil well behavior. Through the use of digital technology like this, we have reduced power consumption by 18% and maintenance costs by 30%, as well as cutting inspection times here by around 40% — maximizing the field’s operational efficiency.

Abqaiq, the world’s largest oil processing facility, was inducted into the Global Lighthouse Network in 2021. Our deployment of a wide range of 4IR solutions at the Abqaiq facility — such as robots, smart drones, and the use of data and predictive modeling — enabled us to boost its performance and efficiency.

Yanbu Refinery, a facility on Saudi Arabia’s west coast focused on producing and cracking Arabian light crude, is our most recent addition. Yanbu was one of just 21 new additions to the prestigious Network in 2023, which now numbers 153 manufacturing and processing facilities around the globe. Through implementing and integrating 4IR use cases at scale, Yanbu achieved GHG emissions reductions of 23% and operational availability improved by 17%. Aramco is currently (as of 2024) the only international energy company to be represented by more than two facilities.

  • Uthmaniyah Gas Plant (UGP)

    Uthmaniyah Gas Plant (UGP)

  • Abqaiq oil processing facility

    Abqaiq oil processing facility

  • Khurais oil processing facility

    Khurais oil processing facility

  • Yanbu oil refinery

    Yanbu oil refinery

Digital transformation and localization

We are encouraging technology companies to localize their services and serve Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region from within the Kingdom. We aim to help establish the Kingdom as a hub to provide digital services to the region. The expansion and development of the Kingdom’s technology infrastructure will create new entrepreneurial opportunities, drive further innovation and job growth, and support the diversification of the Kingdom’s economy.

Aramco Digital

Our digital transformation company, Aramco Digital, was created to share our experience and expertise in designing and deploying digital solutions. We’re an industry leader, globally, in bringing Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to bare on enhancing efficiencies and finding smarter ways of working, and our new digital services business aims to create a thriving national digital ecosystem, and spearhead AI and digital innovation worldwide.

Aramco Digital aspires to unlock the full potential of digital by providing state-of-the-art AI and emerging technology expertise and innovation. From building Smart Cloud Infrastructure and offering cloud-based services, to Cybersecurity and AI applications, and even full-scale smart plant solutions — we aim to bring an integrated world of digital innovation to your doorstep.

To discover more about the services Aramco Digital has to offer, please contact us at

SAIL — Saudi Accelerated Innovation Lab

Launched in November 2023, SAIL (the Saudi Accelerated Innovation Lab) is Aramco’s new, dedicated, digital venturing and innovation space.

Situated in Al-Midra Tower — at Aramco’s global HQ in Dhahran — SAIL has been created to act as a ‘digital super highway’ connecting Aramco's assets, transformative technologies, and capabilities with market needs, fostering market-driven innovation and growth for our current and future partners.

SAIL aims to become a globally-impactful ecosystem that brings together industry leaders and top talents to incubate digital R&D, build new digital solutions, create new ventures, and invest in new technologies. It will connect national public and private entities, academia, potentially-disruptive startups, technology leaders, and venture capitalists with the aims of creating solutions to global challenges and generating revenue.

To learn how SAIL can help your organization, please contact us at

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