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A conversation with Ahmad Al-Khowaiter

Aramco's chief technology officer talks about the future of technology in the energy sector, from mobile carbon capture to blue hydrogen.

Elements magazine|Rebecca Wallace | Interviewee: Ahmad Al-Khowaiter|

  • Aramco chief technology officer, Ahmad Al Khowaiter, is a dynamic force behind the Company’s technology transformation

  • Al Khowaiter has been at the forefront of some of the Company’s most significant technology and infrastructure projects

  • He shares his vision and the Company’s work implementing technology to achieve a more sustainable future

Ahmad Al-Khowaiter, Aramco’s chief technology officer, is a key figure behind the Company’s drive for sustainability through digitalization. Here, he gives insight into his role, and his vision for the future

A conversation with Ahmad Al-Khowaiter

insight into his role, and his vision for the future

  • Aramco engineers leverage 4IR technology, such as advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, to support operations such as exploration and drilling.

  • Our research explores possibilities for lower carbon transport, such as mobile carbon capture, with researchers achieving 50% carbon capture and storage in Class A trucks such as this one in the lab.

  • The Hawiyah Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage plant is one of 30 large-scale projects around the world that capture carbon and inject it into the ground to enhance oil recovery.

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