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For members of the media, this page provides access to the latest financial reports, company logos, photos organized by category, management biographies, as well as media contacts.

If you have a general inquiry that is not media related, please contact us here.

Fayez S. Al-Bishi

Head of domestic media relations

All media inquiries from journalists within Saudi Arabia. Email is monitored on a 24/7 basis.

Oliver Tabbert

Head of international media relations

All media inquiries from international journalists. Email is monitored on a 24/7 basis.

Correspondence address

Media Relations Division
Corporate Communications Department - Aramco
North Administration Building
Dhahran 31311
Saudi Arabia

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Amin H. Nasser- President and chief executive officer of Saudi Aramco

Nabeel A. Al Mansour - Senior vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary

Mohammed Y. Al Qahtani - Senior vice president - Downstream 

Abdulaziz M. Al Gudaimi - Senior vice president of Corporate Development

Ahmad A. Al-Sa’adi - Senior vice president, Technical Services

Ziad T. Al-Murshed - Acting Service Line Head of Finance, Strategy and Development

Nabeel A. Al-Jama' - Senior vice president of Human Resources & Corporate Services (HR&CS)

Nasir K. Al-Naimi - Senior vice president – Upstream

Board members

Aramco global (Arabic) - @Saudi_Aramco
Aramco global (English) - @Aramco

Aramco Americas - @Aramco_Americas

Aramco Europe - @Aramco_Europe


Aramco global - /Aramco

Aramco Americas - /Aramco.Americas

Aramco Europe - /Aramco.Europe

Aramco global - /Aramco
Aramco global - /Aramco
Aramco global - /AramcoVideo
Aramco Korea - Aramco

Terms of use

Corporate logos

The Saudi Aramco “ENERGY BURST” logo and the Saudi Aramco and Aramco names are registered trademarks of Saudi Arabian Oil Company.  The use of these trademarks for promotion of a third party company or product is not permitted without our express approval.

Approved third parties may use the logo in accordance with the terms of their agreement with our company.  In addition, external media publications can display the trademarks in connection with news that affects our company.