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Our leadership

Our leaders bring a wealth of international business and engineering knowledge and experience.

Aramco is a globally integrated energy and chemicals company, with products sold around the world and a track record of reliable supply, operational excellence, and robust financial performance.

At the center of our business lies our ongoing, multigenerational commitment to be a responsible custodian of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s hydrocarbon energy resources. Our ongoing success requires expert knowledge of key global markets, including the commodity, energy, and transportation sectors.

The main reason for our optimism is our people — who strive each and every day to deliver the energy the world needs to help drive economic growth, prosperity, and societal progress.

This drive and determination starts from the top of our organization. Our leaders bring a wealth of international business and engineering knowledge and experience. Their focus is to continue to position Aramco to be a cornerstone of world energy security, providing reliable and ever-cleaner energy. Their aim is to guide the company in successfully navigating the global energy and materials transition. And their aspiration is to embody the values by which we at Aramco strive to operate — excellence, transparency, and accountability.

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Our Corporate Management team 

Our corporate management team members possess deep-domain knowledge and expertise across our company and the industry. They embody the company’s high-performance culture and uphold our corporate values while leading the attainment of our business objectives.

Aramco is organized into key business areas, each headed by a member of corporate management.

Amin H. Nasser

President & CEO

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Our board of directors

Aramco’s Board of Directors, as stewards of the company, steer business affairs, provide management with guidance in determining the company’s long-term strategy, and assess company opportunities, risks, and controls for risk mitigation.

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Our governance