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Male and female technicians view whiteboard calculations at our Boston technology research center

Global research centers

Achieving necessary technology breakthroughs requires access to the best ideas, people, and partners around the world.

Addressing global energy challenges is important to all of us. Achieving the necessary technology breakthroughs requires access to the best ideas, people, and partners around the world.

Our global research network has facilities located in targeted innovation hubs in the United States, Europe, and Asia. With a global network that spans the world, our scientific research continues literally around the clock.

Sustainable solutions for long-term value

Establishing and growing a global research and technology presence is an integral component of our drive to develop breakthrough solutions for the challenges faced by our industry and energy consumers everywhere.

The network we have established reflects our belief that investments in technology development are critical to ensure future generations can enjoy the economic benefits of a sustainable energy supply, while also protecting the natural environment.

Our Global Research Network enables innovative research in high-impact, long-term, value-creating domains.

In-Kingdom research centers


Satellite centers and technology offices


Square feet of lab and research space at our Houston Research Center


Professionals will be housed in a new facility at our headquarters in Dhahran


Aramco Research Center - Boston

Engine technologies

The greatest opportunity to reduce emissions from tomorrow’s automotive sector comes from developing innovative and efficient internal combustion engine technologies today. Through our global research centers, we are reengineering the internal combustion engine and advancing game-changing transportation technologies that could significantly reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency for energy consumers around the world.

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