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Protecting natural resources

Environmental stewardship is deeply integral to our approach.

From groundwater and waste management to preserving ecological biodiversity, our pioneering approach is focused on minimizing the environmental footprint of our operations.

We continually evolve our best practices. As our business operations expand, so do the initiatives we undertake to protect our environment and ensure we leave an enduring legacy for the planet we inhabit.

Supporting the natural world

For us, protecting the environment means pushing the frontiers of knowledge and the boundaries of technology to deliver engineering solutions that enhance our productivity and efficiency, while reducing our environmental impact.

This means limiting the energy we use and carefully maintaining our plants and facilities. It also means prudently managing our use of groundwater in our operations, implementing water conservation policies, and maximizing wastewater reuse in our operations.

We consider environmental performance to be integral to sustainable business performance, and will continue to innovate and explore management solutions that minimize the environmental impact of our activities and products.

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Water conservation

Our water conservation roadmap governs our use of this precious resource in our operations.

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