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Digital Transformation

We are dedicated to digital transformation in the oil and gas industry.

We believe digital transformation is pivotal to the future of the oil and gas industry. Not only will digitalization allow for greater efficiency, but it is spurring innovation, building a digital-savvy workforce and will create new employment opportunities. Using digital technology also aids us in minimizing the carbon footprint of our industry. 

Key to our vision is how we collaborate, partnering with the brightest minds around the world while investing in our own workforce. Our global network of research centers spans the United States, Europe and Asia, where our scientific research continues to push boundaries, literally around the clock. Our digital innovation centers provide the ideal environment for advances in 4IR technologies — supporting innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs to develop new digital solutions.

Energy company of the future

in 2017, we embarked on a digital transformation program to further accelerate this process, and to coordinate all our digital projects and initiatives within flagship programs, maximizing their impact.

the program covers the following areas:


The Compliance program helps to ensure that Aramco complies with both external policies and our own internal guidelines, as well as maintaining the company’s reputation. Maintaining safety and security at oil and gas facilities, for example, has significant compliance requirements. We are spurring digital transformation by using technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and Unmanned Vehicles (UVs) to meet these requirements more effectively.


The Sustainability program uses digital transformation technologies such as Big Data, AI algorithms, and analytics to make our operations more productive and efficient — and thereby more sustainable. For example, the use of drones and wearable technologies to inspect pipelines and machinery has resulted in operational and environmental benefits, including an enhancement in reliability and reduction in environmental waste.

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain program provides tools to automate the operation of our supply chain partnerships, making them easier and more efficient to manage. Smart contracts and blockchain help to optimize the use of inventories and support forecasting and delivery. Blockchain is also used to automatically verify invoices, and as a secure method of storing information and reconciling contracts.

We are empowering our employees to learn important skills in AI and Big Data

Digital Workforce

The Digital Workforce program helps to automate routine, time-consuming tasks — which are important digital transformation benefits in the oil and gas industry — while empowering our employees to learn important skills in AI and Big Data. The program optimizes the efficiency of our workforce and increases employee happiness and satisfaction.


The Operational program uses a range of 4IR technologies to improve and optimize many aspects of our Upstream and Downstream operations. Wireless and diagnostic sensors, for example, are widely used in our oil and gas fields to increase efficiency and optimize power consumption.

All the programs mentioned are run via a comprehensive platform that enables us to track and prioritize high-impact projects, as well as allocate the required funds to execute them. In addition, we have established a framework that allows the business to realize the most value out of these applied digital solutions.

Digital technologies

Digital transformation is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.

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AI and Big Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) — the rapidly-evolving ability of computers, robots and other machines to make decisions.

Our digital innovation centers

Aramco’s Innovation Centers play an important role in the Company’s Digital Transformation.