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What we do

Energy products

We produce high-quality energy, chemical, and refined hydrocarbon products to help keep the world moving.

We continually seek new opportunities to expand and diversify our energy products portfolio, with the intent of creating additional value for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and offering innovative solutions to our customers around the world.

Aramco manages Saudi Arabia’s unique hydrocarbon reserves base, optimizing production and increasing long-term value.

We deliver high-quality products, via our dedicated downstream system, to our growing global customer base. Our downstream activities consist primarily of refining and petrochemical manufacturing, providing high-value products domestically and internationally in large and high-growth markets, through our supply and trading, distribution, and retail operations.

From transportation fuels to advanced industrial feedstocks, base oils, and lubricants products, our energy and chemicals range aims to create value not only for our customers, but also for our company, partners, and shareholders.

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