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Real stories inspire

In this series, we celebrate some personal stories from some amazing individuals that have been involved in our citizenship programs. To recognise their selfless commitment, we decided to bring them to life in a series of beautifully illustrated tales that were created, wherever possible, by up-and-coming Saudi artists.

Latest story

How a marine scientist, a scuba diver, and a fisherman from the Okinawa Prefecture of Japan, combined their knowledge and skills to help save a special and ‘secret’ coral reef.
Discover their story

We work in an industry that, for over a hundred years, has provided ample, affordable and reliable access to energy that has fueled economic growth and helped billions of people live more mobile, more productive, and meaningful lives.

We believe that the most important source of energy is people, and their ability to create change that benefits them, their local communities, and the environment. Our citizenship activities span multiple fronts: from investing in knowledge and creativity, and preserving the biodiversity of our environment, to supporting the development of local communities and micro-industries.

Protecting biodiversity

We are committed to environmental stewardship and have several multi-year initiatives that aim to protect and restore the biodiversity of species in strategic regions of the Kingdom, and around the world. Our initiatives focus on ecological restoration that provides habitats for animal and plant species, and designating Biodiversity Protected Areas across the Kingdom that protect sensitive wildlife.

Socio-economic development

We support initiatives that provide communities with opportunities for growth and enable people to shape their economic future through traditional crafts and natural resources. We have identified several local micro-industries that, with the right business model and support, could generate long-term impact for local communities. These include coffee plantations, coastal fisheries, and sewing centers, to name a few.

Knowledge and creativity

We believe that education enriches lives and creates opportunities for people, and we work to develop and enable the creatives of tomorrow to build a future that inspires us all. Through our numerous initiatives, including student sponsorships, educational partnerships, and our flagship initiative, the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra), we support great minds to shape a greater future for us all.



In this series, we celebrate the stories of people from across the Kingdom whose lives have been transformed by projects that we are proud to support.
  • The seamstress who sewed the future

    Watch Fatima’s story
  • The man who sowed tomorrow

  • The writer who caught the clouds

  • The girl who learned how to bloom

  • The filmmaker who bridged every distance

  • The beekeeper who sweetened his destiny

  • The man who sowed new traditions

  • The reef that thrived beyond the storm