Golf is a Science

Aramco Team Series

There’s a science to success, and the key element is people.

Wind direction, velocity and force – these all impact the trajectory of a golf ball, and the decisions golfers make. Golf is a science, and science is at the core of our business.

We develop innovative solutions in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields that aim to build a better, more sustainable future. By creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, we ensure that our men and women bring the best ideas to the table. Through our sponsorship of Aramco Teams Series 2021, we enable women in every field to be on top of their game.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our people are our most valuable resource, and we advance our people’s potential by creating a diverse and inclusive company culture. We embedded inclusive practices and processes for women and people with disabilities in every stage of fostering the company’s talent pool, from recruitment, development and advancement to leadership. As a result, Aramco female employees include engineers in the field and in plants, scientists in our research and development centers, and inventors of new processes and products.

History and Values

We believe in work and life balance, and have committed to developing the sports sector and quality-of-life opportunities from our early days. From the first golf courses in the early 1940s to Aramco Team Golf Series of 2021, good sportsmanship is part of our company’s history and values. We are proud to have built eight of the Kingdom’s nine golf courses. With the Aramco Team Series, we are elevating golf and women’s sports to the next level.


Providing energy to the world is our business, and protecting our natural environment for future generations is our shared responsibility. Our researchers and scientists develop innovative solutions and technologies for a more sustainable future. We develop technologies that aim to preserve resources, reduce emissions, and protect the environment.

Two Saudi Aramco technicians work on the Shallow Water Inspection and Monitoring Robot (SWIM-R) at our KAUST Research Center