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Aramco sustainability report 2023

Growing societal value



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Growing societal value


With our headquarters in Saudi Arabia, we have invested in the Kingdom’s oil and gas ecosystem to enhance the reliability of our supply chain by building local capacities, thereby providing employment and economic opportunities to thousands of Saudi nationals.

Our dedication to grow societal value extends beyond the Kingdom through our social investment projects, where we work together with host communities around the world.

2023 performance

  • Continued commitment to building the capacity of locals with over 24% increase (15,099 in 2023 versus 12,160 in 2022) in the number of people on our sponsored1 community programs
  • Provided growth acceleration services, via the Taleed program, to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) sustainability and scale-up including partnership and network building, business development, and attracting investments
  • Made social investments2 to the value of $475 million in Saudi Arabia and abroad
  • Aramco and its employees donated over $18 million for disaster relief globally

iktva procurement spend in-Kingdom (%)



Cumulative iktva GDP contribution* ($ billion)

(2022: 166.0)


Saudization (%)

(2022: 90.9)


Social investment2 ($ million)

(2022: 453)


Saudization of construction contracts (%)

(2022: 28.0)


Saudization of service contracts (%)

(2022: 57.2)


* Metric reported for the first time externally.
1. For more information on these programs, please refer to page 82 of the 2023 Sustainability Report.
2. This is the first year we are reporting on the costs of running Aramco-built schools as part of our social investment.

Aramco-built schools

Since 1954, when we built our first government school, Aramco has delivered the infrastructure and assets to educate over two million students (equivalent to 6% of the total population of Saudi Arabia, as of 2023), working hand-in-hand with the Government of Saudi Arabia. Today, we support 160 schools, including 147 public schools, seven Aramco-based schools, four private schools and two special needs schools, serving approximately 83,000 students and around 8,000 staff. In 2023, Aramco contributed around $95 million to school maintenance and upgrades and invested an additional $60 million in school reconstruction.

In addition to maintaining the infrastructure, we provide tailored programs that leverage the Company’s skills and knowledge. For example, in 2023, Aramco supported student programs, reaching out to 100 schools and impacting over 10,000 students. These programs encompass a wide range of topics including health care, vocational awareness, Company premises visits, environmental initiatives, and renewable energy. These initiatives have empowered students to make informed decisions about their health, future careers, safety, and environmental conservation.

Our total impact since the program's inception is shown below:

Public schools


Special needs schools


Private schools


Private schools based in Aramco compounds



Total Aramco-built and maintained schools

+2 million

Graduates since we started building these schools

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